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Thursday, October 27, 2022 - Guest: SEAN AVERY Favorite episode ever...

We bought a car! And an angry mob helped make the deal happen. We tell the story here! Then, hockey "bad boy" Sean Avery is here to catch up with Nicole and have a great time. The reminiscing begins fast and furious about some of the times when Nicole was Sean’s publicist. A very introspective conversation begins as our heroes muse over authenticity and how much of a silver bullet it is. Sean eloquently talks about how failure can motivate, teach and make one feel free going through it. He talks about the controversial elements of his career and reflects on many of the events that put him in the headlines over the years. He talks about how acting and stand up are similar to his antics on the ice; it’s all a performance that you have to be good at to be effective. He talks about shows that he’s on now, and even reflects a little bit on his ‘Dancing with the Stars’ run. This turned into one of everyone's favorite episodes... #THANKYOU for being with us! 🎙❤️✨

Inside Jokes: We bought the mini, Westside collector car storage, you drove him to Manhattan Beach? I’m a tall guy 6’2, British racing green, it happens to be the most acoustically perfect room in the region, did you come to Florida with me? I got photos with you me and John Rivers, what have I forgotten? Very rarely do I feel shame, dude that was the greatest video I’ve ever seen, he’s gonna grade with a curve, The telltale sign of a TikTok house, it’s a fun time to be alive if you can see through the weeds, my God complex flared up, I was hoping you had seen it because I was going to say something else but now I just cut you off, tribalism through technology is crazy, no no I got it, I didn’t want to ride a bike that got hot, it’s like Tron, you fought me on that for months, it was the best disaster that I’ve ever been through, atta boy Mike

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