ROD EMORY 2022: Garage & Social, Luftgekuhlt + Jayde's wedding day! 😭❤️🏁 LNP504


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Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - Guest: Rod Emory

"Don’t let the opening speak for the rest, this is a fantastic show!" The computer booted up and we are good to go! For the first time since pre-pandemic Porsche master-fabricator/customizer Rod Emory is LIVE in Studio 11 to talk everything that’s happened over the past three years as well as recent happenings like #luftgekuhlt & Hagerty's #garageandsocial - PLUS: Getting real with Mrs Ryan, when can we expect an electric Emory Outlaw and an emotional retelling of daughter Jayde Emory's recent wedding day. This is the F is for Family episode #THANKYOU for being with us! 🎙❤️✨

Inside Jokes: See the Focus rack? We had all sorts of grand plans, The computers on the third reboot, at 4:57 everything goes to hell, hank on camera 4 is the badge master, emotions are real and they transfer, take a second there’s no rush, tradecraft Tuesday, take a minute for yourself, be humble and teachable, we had so much fun we forgot to thank our sponsors, without whom none of this would be possible... Please click on the below:




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