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Tuesday November 29, 2022 - Guests: Sean Lee, Heritage G & Steve Ellis

Full boat tonight… from Purist group and talking winter toy drive 2022, Sean Lee is here, joined by G from Heritage Gruppe to discuss Concours for Kids! And blowing it out in style, GetBTW Steve Ellis is here to talk career moves and Hagerty’s Garage & Social.

Purest group is growing and evolving, even entering the NFT space. As always, #winterdrive is also a memorial for Paul Walker. G lets the audience know the origins of heritage group, their new white glove auto-sales service and the BMW 1600 2002 he's currently building. This episode encapsulates why this show exists--the joy of cars and the communities who love them. Sean explains why he throws away all the spare tires from all the cars he’s ever had, and he tells the Story of how it finally came back to bite him this past Thanksgiving weekend. Come to GVBC this Friday with an unopened toy for the kids!

Steve Ellis is the closer with impressions, stories, a new job and good vibes for days. THANK YOU for being with us! 🎙❤️✨

Inside Jokes: Standby Canada, bromance, hello from lovely Newark NJ, I drive a police cruiser, While pbs was financed by viewers like you Sesame Street was funded by grants, it’s basically copyright content management, oh - Surrogate! It was a morning thing, I love a momentum car, monster Miata, nobody wants these! H1 is fun, it feels like 70HP, relax and enjoy the love, that was NOT in your Instagram post, don’t show your cape, we’re so simple, I just freaked out and ran, I’ll get you next time gadget, these guys are leaving, it’s got some tweaks from bbi, power is not the issue anymore,

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