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Guest: PAUL RIVERA (Rivera Amps, car nut, crest-driver)

Paul Rivera kicks it off with cat-ear headphones for the toy drive! Discussions of the crest, Dukes of Hazzard, and working for eccentric billionaires organically unfold. Topics range from DeLoreans & Ectos to Porsches & Lambos and the sigmas they all bring. Paul tells the story about first meeting Matt Farah and the Murciélago trip on 20-year-old tires. Good stuff, GOING LONG... THANK YOU for being with us 🎙❤️✨

Inside Jokes: If you don’t bring it, we got nothing, Bradley whitford was Eric?! You can’t close till they close, I saw a lotta leaning, African Peugeots, Luke Duke is a respected guitar player, where’s Tonga? Tonga’s on the hill, I love swinging the rear end out, are we curmudgeons? Ton of wine, everyone has a role to play, is that distracting for your guys? It’s a total power trip, why are there poison darts in the studio? So I brought a chainsaw, Paul shut that off, we kinda got internet famous, I don’t know what Sheldon is, I don’t know what Wentworth is, Man on Fire? There’s a stigma attached to Lambos, i’m embarrassed how much I love this car, classic and timeless, my reverse lights come on at the top of the crest, best not a guest ever,

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