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Tuesday, November 1, 2022 - Guest: NOT Sean Bishop

What a show we slapped together at the last minute here... J's been dealing with new Mini all day and at the last minutes, intended guest Sean Bishop got rushed into work on Star Trek. Good thing Canada Mike is content-loaded & Nicole's words are working. We start with Halloween & some candy conspiracies which go surprisingly deep and international before getting around to the Mini seat saga which has absolutely escalated. Are The Ryans happy motoring yet? Have a hang & find out. BIG THANKS to @blackashyknees for that seat assist!!! & THANK YOU for being with us 🎙❤️✨

Inside Jokes: We’re out of sorts today-it’s gonna be a good one, adventure or electrify? Get your shit together man, skittles scandal, i’m just gonna figure this out myself, it was a pain in the ass because I needed a rivet gun, Home Depot doesn’t sell rivet guns anymore, you have no idea, I wanna be in the computer, Old school car business, well that’s that,

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