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Tuesday November 22, 2022 - Guests: Greg Grunberg & Chris Jacobs

Announcement: the 2022 Purist Group toy drive will be at GVBC again Friday, December 2, 2022. This is also the day before Nicole's birthday. She requests in place of any gifts for her, to please bring toys to the toy drive! Sean Lee will be there in a new NISSAN to collect in person. Thank you!

Now, on with the show... Chris Jacobs & Greg Grunberg are LIVE in Studio 11 to talk their new Zero to 60 podcast and Greg’s absolute nightmare of new (old) Porsche ownership. Disaster! He needs help!! Chris bought a new (old) car as well and we find out if it went any better than Greg's... Progressing on to "The Caretaker" series, Epilepsy Awareness Month, Hagerty Ride Share & Mecum Auctions • PLUS: Jay Leno comes home and Conan O'Brien buys a BMW today on the #EastCoastFeed • THANK YOU for being with us #happythanksgiving 🎙❤️✨

Inside Jokes: 0-60 podcast, Greg is selling his Bronco, robot chicken, It’s a bounder, he turned the Kodak theater into a small room, I went with my buddy JJ, they’re taping it so they’ll edit it out, i’ll get back into it, that’s called a callback, that’s not John Favreau, everyone’s a caregiver, he sounds like Jay Leno, if you’re gonna get burned get burned in the valley, get the shot!, Right to the Porsche exhibit, getting an allocation is tough, check out the canoo, one man séance, i’m not so sure we’re going to again, it was a salvage, TLG is for the big stuff, stick to air cooled, I’m stuck, Drew Barrymore danced on my Bronco, we know, go check out business envy, no one lights up a room like Nicole, I have friends who like Phish, fat don’t crack, in the old days it was talk shows now it’s podcasts,

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