Ep. 48: $2.8MM Added to my Clients’ Paycheck in the Last Nine Weeks (Listen if You Want to Stop Leaving Money on the Table)


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Episode 48- $2.8MM Added to my Clients’ Paycheck in the Last Nine Weeks (Listen if You Want to Stop Leaving Money on the Table)

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I'm Lindsay Mustain and this is the career design podcast made for driven ambitious square pegs and round holes type professionals who see things differently and challenge the status quo. We obliterate obstacles and unlock hidden pathways to overcome and succeed where others have not stagnation feels like death. And we are unwilling to compromise our integrity and settle for being average in any way. We are the backbone of any successful business and those who overlook our potential are doomed to a slow demise. We do work that truly matters aligns with our purpose, and in turn, we make our lasting mark on the world. We are the dreamers, doers, legends, and visionaries who are called to make our most meaningful contribution and love what we do.
$2.8 million added to my client's paycheck in the last nine weeks. Wow. Welcome to the career design podcast. I am Lindsay Mustain and I am your host here today, and I'm recording this post-Thanksgiving, a little bit in the carb coma to tell you about what's happening in the job market. So first off, I just the reason why I tell you these stories, is because I want you to believe that it is possible for you because the more that I can instill that belief in you, the more likely you are to get up and do something about it. Because here's the deal, you can listen to me all you want, you can watch me all you want. But thinking or embodying or any of that stuff doesn't actually create the result. It's the action that creates the result. And so why I'm telling you this is that there are people who are less qualified than you with less education with less than anything that you have. And the only difference between what's happening for them in their career, and why they're being successful is that they've decided to do something about it. Okay. So when I say that it is with love, because I want to inspire you to take action. Now, most people are motivated by two things, one, the avoidance of pain. And the second is to move towards pleasure. Okay, now, we are conditioned as a society to avoid pain, right? Everything is about how do I avoid dire consequences. And when you're living at that lower end like of the poles when you're living at that in, you have a really hard time going to the other side, which is where things are in flow, and life is easier and abundance happens. But when we're so worried about getting ahead of the small things, we get really, really scared and we won't take action because we believe somehow that that's meant for everyone else. And here's the deal. The people which I just want you to take a look here are the people you most admire in the world. Did they play at that lower pole? Did they look at how do I play it safe? Or do they go out and do these big audacious things, okay, this is your calling. This is what your soul's purpose is, it's meant to do something that changes the world. It is not a coincidence that you listen to me, it's not a coincidence that you follow what I have to say. Or if you've ever listened to me before, if this is your own, never. And this is your first time, it's not a coincidence that you're hearing this message for you to know that the universe is trying to tell you to get off your ass and do something because your purpose is not a side bitch, it's actually something why you came to this planet, this is how I feel in a very spiritual way was to make a difference not to work from hand to mouth, and continue to grind for the rest of your life until you die. That is not a life, that is something people are going to be excited to tell your story at the end of your life. And I mean, when you will have all these other beautiful things about you. But I want you to like go a little bit deeper and say, What if I could do more? I want to just plant that seed in you okay? Because there are people here who I'm going to tell you, I just got a gal and she is 24 years old. And just the equity offer for her was $600,000 at 24 years old, okay, and she does not have a graduate degree. She has an undergrad. No, she isn't the tech industry. But when I say this is super easy, it really is the problem who doesn't believe it? In fact, the majority of the time, what I'm actually spending time doing with my clients is convincing you that it's not a problem. Because if you believe it's a problem, then guess who's the problem? It's you. And I say that with love because I was the problem for so long. I was the problem for so long. I had believed in this idea if I worked really hard and I gave all of my time and my energy that a company would take care of me or that if I worked really hard and went and got my education that that would actually make me more qualified when both of those things didn't get me ahead when I learned to work smart and when I learned to prioritize the business of me inc, Lindsey ink. That was when my life changed. And when I started making my money, I have a wealth mentor. And when I started using my money and making my money work harder for me, which is when I invest in my brain or my business, those are the best investment vehicles I've had in my life. And if I give you like the thought to just take a look at your life, that's likely the same thing for you. When I do those things, I take my money, and I make it work for me, instead of me working really hard to earn my money. Does that make sense to you? I'm hoping it connects. Because what I'm trying to say is when you leverage the tools of what I teach, it looks like magic. Okay, it looks like magic. And I'm gonna be honest here. We do a lot of deprogramming. So first of all, I have to get you to believe now, how do you do that? One, you join a program of mine. That's when you Okay, Lindsey, I believe enough that I'm willing to invest in myself for once, outside of the system that is literally designed to keep me poor and small and diminish my gifts. Okay, cool. We first like the first point of exiting the matrix, you took the red pill, okay. The next stage that I have to do is deprogram, the, almost the gaslighting and the brainwashing that has happened to you by being raised in the world because it happens at multiple levels. And so I have to get you to see your own gifts, be able to understand your value and be able to articulate that value. Now, this sounds pretty easy. But the chance of you being able to do this on your own is like slim to none. I have not had anybody who comes to me no matter how accomplished they are in their career. And it's like I got this, otherwise, they would be talking to me, right? Whatever your next level is, you're ready to go to it once you have clarity, and we are not very good at objectively identifying what's most valuable, what becomes the MVP? What is most valuable about what we bring to the table? And how do we have people actually bang down our doors and throw money at us, so that we can land the job that we've always been designed to do. And it's not just about the money, I use the money because guess what, that is what people want, they want the money. But what they really need underneath is to do work that fills their purpose that fills their soul that fills their cup. And so when I talk about these things, I really want you to take a little bit of a deeper look and say, Okay, can I actually get paid really well and do work that matters at a company that's going to value me? Yes. Yes, okay, this is exactly what I teach. It's the dream jobs. Um, but if you already in your heart and your gut, you go, oh, and I can feel it guys, I can feel even as I'm saying it, even me go, Oh, but I was told this and this and this, and this, and this, and this, and this, okay. And you know, what I'm gonna tell you, the education system is here to make sure that you stay small, to get in debt to always be fighting to live when you're finally 6575 95, when you finally can take a break before you drop dead because that makes us when we're at the top of the food chain, the most amount of money. Now I am in a business here, and I'll be really clear here. This is not a business I wish I was in. And what I mean by that is I love changing lives. I love transforming lives. I love watching people come back and say I got $100,000 increase, which by the way, is like the basement level of what I'm doing. At the other end, we're talking the one that graduated this last week at $350,000. Okay, so $100,000 $350,000 When I get those stories, I know it's gonna change your life. And what I'm also looking for is that I feel purpose in what I do. It's just not about the money. It's not just about the money, but the money is how I breakthrough. Because if you go oh, well, that sounds exciting. Let me hear more. There's a reason why I do that. Okay. So here's what I want you to know. $2.8 million added in our client's paychecks in the last nine weeks. How well I have a proprietary system that looks like magic. But really when you understand how to articulate your gifts, and then you understand how to navigate the most broken process that exists in my opinion, for job searching to elevate and ascend your career to the next level. That is how we land it. Okay, so it's not that hard, honestly. But granted, I've had 20 years of experience, I've helped over 15,000 people do it now. Your story at all of the things is unique, but your struggle is 100% Not you are not that different. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean, that's a good thing, because that means we can fix it. You don't want to be like the weird random medical case that nobody has a cure for. I have the cure. The problem is, is most people won't do anything about it. And you know what that is okay for most of my life, that is how I operated. And when I finally came, and obviously like from the dark to the light, that was when my life absolutely transformed. And this is what I want you to know is possible for you, it is 100% possible, because what really matters, it's not the money. And if I tell you is actually not the job, it's about what that gives you the freedom and the flexibility to live a life that you truly deserve. And the last part is to be able to give back to the people who really matter at the end of the day, because it's not going to be your job, that's going to be your proudest accomplishment, it's going to be the things around you, as far as the people go, that you love that you get to spend time with that you got to invest in. Because when you get to step away from grinding, and working hard to working in a company that'll amplify your talent for life feels so much more fun, and an ease and I feel valued, and I have freedom, and I'm getting paid top dollar. And when I walk home, at the end of the day, whether it's out of your virtual office or in your car, when you come home, that the people who are there, the ones that you love, whether they're two, four or eight legged, you might have an octopus at home for all I know. They're the ones that actually get the best of you, because that's what really matters in this world. So if you are ready to take it to the next level, I would love to see you at my next master class go to corporatecashmachine.com. These master classes I go so deep into what's happening and why you can get top dollar right now, really basics here, there is a low supply of talent and high demand. So if you want to buy something that's like seasonal produce, that's offseason, if I want to buy strawberries in December, I'm going to pay a premium price. Guess what, folks? That's the same thing that's happening here. So while I got massive results, even before this, there has never been a hotter job market on this planet. So when I'm having an intervention with you, I'm trying to tell you to stop leaving money on the table. Come hang out with me at corporatecashmachine.com, I will teach you how to become the candidate of choice. I'll show you how to get people to bang down your door, and they throw money at you. There are some key things you need to understand and there is no one. I am the best in the world at what I do. There is no one who gets the results I do because I don't just do it because I think this is the best way. I have proven it through research. I have proven it through the concept. And now I've negotiated $2.8 million in the last nine weeks. And to give you an idea in 2020 we just barely lost $2 million, which was an epic year, but in nine weeks, so if I'm trying to tell you, we can collapse timelines we can make this happen for you faster. We can we are just getting started and I cannot wait for you to be able to ride with me. corporate cash machine.com And I can't wait to see you there.

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