Ep. 46: Is This a SCAM?


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Ep. 46- Is This a Scam?

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I'm Lindsay Mustain, and this is the career design podcast made for driven ambitious square pegs and round holes type professionals who see things differently and challenge the status quo. We obliterate obstacles and unlock hidden pathways to overcome and succeed where others have not stagnation feels like death. And we are unwilling to compromise our integrity and settle for being average in any way. We are the backbone of any successful business and those who overlook our potential are doomed to a slow demise. We do work that truly matters aligns with our purpose, and in turn, we make our lasting mark on the world. We are the dreamers, doers, legends and visionaries who are called to make our most meaningful contribution and love what we do.
Is this a scam? You know what? I'm getting that question a lot these days. So welcome to the Career Design Podcast. I'm Lindsay Mustain. I want to answer this question for you. Because a lot of our lives we have been told like that's a scam, people are always out to try to get something from you. Guys, I'm going to tell you, if you listen to me for more than a hot second, you know that I have 1000s of success stories, okay. And in fact, I have a very strange business operating model, which is that when you work with me, I hope you don't ever need me again. Now, when you want to go to the next level in your career, let's talk. But for the most part, my goal is not actually to be here to try to get you to be a lifetime customer. My goal is get you out the door get you massive success, and then you can send me all your friends. Okay, I have a very strange business model. And the reason why is that I don't want to be in the business I'm in. I know, let me just be really clear here. That's that's a strange, provocative thing to say. But I'm really like, want to be very transparent that the what I have to teach you is a failure of a system that has designed you to fail 99.6% of the time. Now, I was a part of that system. I mean, it was Amazon's most visible employee, I hired 10,000 people. Do you know the percentage of times that I said, No, it's over 99%. I said no to somebody 99% of time. In fact, I did a training yesterday and somebody came on, they said Lindsey, you said no to me and Amazon. And I was like, Okay, let's talk about that. And she said, in fact, you had an actual conversation with me. This is before I started my entrepreneurial journey. And you said, this is a no right now. I want you to it's not a no for forever. It's a no for this job. But honestly, I see that there's more for you. And so I want you to keep going. And I gave her some tools. And seriously, she came back and said she's actually increased her salary three times over. Now, I love the really clear, I had never actually talked to her since that moment. So this was like an unprecedented testimonial, I have to pull it out. So I can share with you guys. But that message was so powerful to me, because I told her she told me this after I told the story about being and perpetuating the system that actually causes you to think that something's wrong with you. So I don't want to be in this business. Okay, so in the meantime, while I'm working to correct the system, I'm going to teach you how to hack it for your advantage. That is my big goal. Okay. So like, that's the first belief that you have to believe here. Now when I say it, I'm going to destroy it. I'm going to destroy your perceptions of what the system is. And I'm going to say a lot of us we're kind of like playing in the matrix, we don't understand that we've actually been perpetuating this is what I had this this was like, so, so powerful for me. So let me tell you how I got to this point, I was sitting at Amazon and I was recruiting for a job. I had like three people in the world that we're qualified for it. This job is in Singapore. And I got a message from one of the the only woman I was interviewing and she said, I just want to let you know how much of an asshole you guys treated me like I mean, she said it a lot, much nicer way that I'm saying it. And I would never consider working for your company. And I know this is like really important to you. So it really shocked me that this was how the behavior was. And when I saw that, like I like First off, I turned completely red. I was mortified. And then you what I did, I cried. I cried. I mean, it was a Sunday. Like right now I'm recording this on a Sunday was a Sunday, I was sitting on my couch, my kids are running around. And I sat there and I just sobbed. I just saw. And it was like the most powerful moment when the realization of my paradigm completely shifted. And I realized that I was part of the problem that I was working in a system that actually is designed to make sure that you fail the majority of the time that we don't actually care about you were you are lucky to even get a shot to talk to us. That was the positioning. Notice how much that's changed now that we can't hire anybody, by the way. Like the fact that I had that conversation. I was like, Oh God, I hope it goes well. I've had to learn, you know how to we really should treat candidates which was we should always treat them with dignity and respect. After talking to millions. I mean, we're dealing with over a million resumes deal. That's a lot of people. That's just my people too. And like if you didn't go all the people my team it is millions. We always want to treat people the highest level of respect because I remember being there. I remember what it was like to be turned on. I remember it was like to be stuck. So when I got this message, I was like, Oh, I mean I was just sobbing and then I got really fucking pissed. The point where I immediately escalated it, I immediately escalated it. I sent it off. And then you know what I did? I wrote my resignation notice, let me be really clear at the time at a stay at home husband, I was the only one making money, I did not have the money to leave my job. I did not have the ability or understanding what I would do next. I just knew that I could no longer sell my soul for a paycheck and it could no longer be a part of the same system that not only broke me but if you ever heard my story, broke the story. Broke my family. My dad was laid off, you know, like, I've watched this like, it's not just me, it's like a generational thing. My dad and then me and I'm watching all these people go through with the COVID like we are going through this change so when I say it's a scam, like I want you to like you know, I hope it's a get rich quick scam, rather than get rich slow scam because that's actually what you're playing by. No, we can dramatically Quantum Leap your results because the thing is the bottom line that you have been told is that if you go to school, and if you work really hard, you're gonna get like the magic Fastpass at Disneyland and get to the front the line and that's a big fat fucking lie. Okay, but I'm gonna I'm gonna reframe this for you. Okay, have you ever heard the saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Breakfast is the most important meal today. Right? We've heard that how many times now? Okay, well, do you know who came up with breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Cereal companies. That industry and so when you think about it now, cereals also, like not genetically but engineered. Like we have food chemists that engineer the food to break down so that you were hungry in 90 minutes. And what do you eat again? Usually more cereal. There's a reason why we don't have cereal in my house. Okay. So they've told you Hey, not only is this most important meal, here's the solution and you're going to need it a lot. Okay, so if there's ever been a fucking scam, it's your cereal. First off, okay. Now, here's me saying hey, listen, I'd like to get you massive results. And I don't want you to ever really need me again. Is that completely different? Yes. Does it sound like a scam? I can totally see why. If you've ever listen to me for more than a heart like a hot second, you know that my heart's in this and I backup everything I say with either science or proof or testimony. We have proof of concept we print out graduates. There is no better person in the world that does this than me. Okay, and I can say that I am the greatest of all time I get to be the goat in this I am the greatest of all time. Why? Because I am a student of my craft. Okay. So yes, we can Quantum Leap your results. But the first reprogramming I need you to go to you're like is this scam? Or is this too good to be true? I get that. Like let me tell you somebody told me this at that point in my life. I was like, Holy crap. Are you kidding me? So do you mind if I change your life here? I'm gonna change your life. So tune in, lean in. Listen to me here now. Stephen Covey dfcm Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Oh my god, this was such a massive reprogramming, I had the best foundation of corporate experience with my very first job. And I learned the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, sometimes Highly Effective People, I went through their development program. In fact, I was being certified to be a trainer before company got where I got laid off. And I learned all the shit that I learned about what it's like to be unemployed and nearly lose everything. I was about to go through their facilitator training because it was so beautiful. Okay, and if you haven't read that book, another book, I highly recommend Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. But he has one of the habits is begin with the end in mind. And really what Stephen Covey says there are two sources of creation, we will be like, What are you doing? Okay, on this, like, how many of you are like, what's your metrics? What are you quantifying what like, I'm trying to tell you, that's a secret of really understanding high performance. So you can equate that to your impact inside of a company. But the first secret to creating anything in your life, it has to be in the mind, you have to have the concept. So I'm going to come to you and be like, wow, like this is and some of you will have followed me for years. And you're like, wow, she actually had walked the talk and it'll take you five years to get it. This is where skepticism can really be a downfall to your income. Because if you start to say, what if it doesn't work? What if it does work? You know, like that, that when I change that language, I'm like, Holy shit, like that was where like, I have a million dollar award behind me. That happened in like years versus decades. Okay, like we can shortcut time. The problem is, you've been told a lie by somebody who wants to keep you small cog in a machine work for the man never make a goddamn, like Penny in your life. And you don't immediately put hand to mouth and never retire. Never have a life. I mean, that's really what most of us do. And guess what, we're fucking tired of it. That's why the great resignation is happening. Okay? So when I come in here, and I'm like, circling around, trying to tell you to get to believe, like, believe in yourself, okay. In order to receive you have to believe believe to receive, okay, so the first act of creation is you have to have the ability to conceptualize that that's a possibility. Okay, so when I say that, like I go, this award did not happen, because I was like, I should just figure out how to make a billion dollars. I mean, like, I was always thinking that, but this word was a concrete proof that somebody had done that before me and that I too, could do that. So you know, I tell you all the stories, I want you to go, oh, maybe I could do that. Well, yeah, you can Hey, can you just need the shortcut? Okay, so what happened when I had that, then I could have the perception and the visualization to see myself, okay? I mean, like, I took the picture of one of the few women winners of this, and I glued my face over it shout out to Liz Binney and put my face on top of that and put it on my vision board. And now it's sitting here behind me. So the secret to creation, the very first step to begin with the end in mind, is you have to have the picture of the result. And it can't be like, I just wanna have a good life. What the fuck does that mean? For some people, it's like sailing across the ocean. That sounds like a horrible way to die to me for somebody that sounds recreational. This sounds like your live stream. So fucking pick. Okay. And the second thing is, do shit. Okay, this is a hard one, because guess what we are most the time in a cycle of delay, like, well, we'll figure that out. And we have other priorities, which might be like watching the next season of Stranger Things. And I'm going to ask you, if you want to live this different than anyone else, you better stop acting like the rest of the world. Okay, so I don't watch the news. People tell you. That's crazy. Guess what? I got time, I got more. I don't have as much time as I used to have because now I've changed my priorities. My priorities are about making the world a better place. Like a place where my kid I want my kids to grow up. So yeah, I don't really care about what's happening in the news, because I know I've already been the front page of the news. If it bleeds, it leads, it's there to create you to buy in and watch again, do you see the perpetual cycle of how mass industry has programmed you to tune in over and over again, and then shame me for not doing it? Because guess what breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And you're not a good citizen? Unless you listen to the news, much less I'm actually trying to sell you something through the commercials. we incentivize like as a station because of what are the viewership, right? Like these things I want you to look at, like, what is the driving factor? So when I say like, I'm like, I'm really not interested in being in this job. I like to unemployed myself. I think it's a long term game plan. It's a long term game. And honestly, because the cycle is so broken 10 years ago, like 10 years ago, this month, I sat at Facebook's headquarters. And I said, Canada Experience is key. You never know who your past present or future customers will be. So don't treat them like assholes would be the subtext on that. Guess what still treat people like assholes. And now we have the audacity to say, oh, candidates are ghosting us after decades of you ghosting them. Hello, pot meet kettle. Okay, so like, I want you to question like, when you look at the people out there who are trying to change the world, like and there's people who are going to want to resell you things. I mean, like I love Apple, I love Apple, I probably gonna buy every new product that they brought bring out and I'm happy to do it because I'm an apple customer. But I know that that's part of their business model, and I'm okay with it. Okay, so when you're like, is this a fee? I'm like, You better hope to get rich quick scams, rather than get clicks. Okay, good, rich, slow scale. Okay. I know it's hard to believe. But the thing is, everything that you've been designed in this system was to keep you small to keep you working for the man to keep you a cog in a machine that feeds the top Conas pocketbook. Do you hear me? Like I built a business? Where do you think I could run a recruiting agency, oh, my God, I would have made a lot more money. But instead I chose there would be only one customer in my business. And that would be my client. If I understood that, that was my most my biggest priority. My only person, by the way, the only person has to be the client is one who pays the bills. Okay. Do you ever wonder why you've been shortchanged in any kind of cycles that you're not the customer, okay, unless you actually have employed a headhunter, but you're probably paying them 20 25% of your salary. Okay. But your customers the most important thing, I chose to do that, because I knew that I didn't want to be a part of a system that caused you to think you were a failure that caused you to continue to stay small, it didn't actually create freedom, because like one of the things that COVID gave us one of the biggest gifts it gave us was the realization that we are all going to die. And I know that sounds terrible, but like at home, you had to realize the priority was keeping yourself and your family safe. And honestly like for me I thought about the people I could potentially spread it to those people safe okay. And and so it my priorities were already aligned, right. I had a business my business was doing just fine. Guess what the people were disruptors beforehand, who had already done the things the work that I'm talking about, they were just fine through the recession, the people who've been playing small, the ones who've been conditioned through the system struggled. Okay. And then, you know, this is where like, you had to realize what's your priority was okay, so like, I do want you to start to believe in it. Like if I have to get your attention by saying $100,000 raises I do. Let me be really clear for the majority of people. It's not the money that really matters. The gift is that you get to actually do what your soul was sent here to do on the earth. How about that? So what I want you to think about what we do we talk about, you know, the dream job zone, which is the right job, the right company, the right salary level. So looking for the dream job, let me be really clear what you're really looking for. Is the dream company. The company is your big indicator whether or not you're going to be success, like feel successful in your life like that, whether or not your supervisors really good and whether the culture is good, biggest indicator, doing the work there, you can do work that's not even as high level as you want, you can be happy if you have those other two things. This is this is just what science says, Okay? Now, you'd also be okay to take a pay cut. In my job, what we do is we allow you to do all three. That's right work for a company, That's badass, awesome, do work that truly matters and changes the world and you paid really well. And let me be really clear here. 99% of the companies out there are not going to be that. So how do you find those people? Well, that's the magic what we teach inside of here, how do you find true career fulfillment, and let me tell you, you're gonna continue to well and continue to uplevel. So the dream job is one moment in time and it continues to change. That's what we do. So if you're interested in learning more about what we do here, I recommend you check out my free masterclass, which is the next available date, you'll find it at corporate cash machine.com. And what I do in that is totally free, like totally free, you could upgrade like I think for a few dollars enough for the value of what I charged was $2,000 an hour, it's just a few dollars pennies on the dollar to get the insight of what's happening. But in that we spend hours reprogramming you to let go of the false that you've been told your whole life that were designed to keep you as a drone in a machine that does not really care whether or not you live or die as long as you pay your taxes and do good work that makes the man richer. If you understand that, that is not the system you want to be in, you want to exit that matrix, then I really recommend you go check it out. Okay. And for that I wanted to say thanks for tuning in and listening. If you if this has served you in any way, please go ahead and catch check out cash machine COMM But also leave us a review. You know, we'd love to have that because the way we get our message out to the world it's continuing to perpetuate this like my goal here is completely disrupt our industry completely disrupt our industry. So let's let's do that together. And you do that by helping us rate and share with a friend and thanks for tuning in.

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