Ep. 41: LinkedIn for Job Searching (Live Coaching)


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Ep. 41- LinkedIn in For Job Searching (Live Coaching)

Lindsay 00:00

I'm Lindsay Mustaine, and this is the career design podcast made for driven ambitious square pegs and round holes type professionals who see things differently and challenge the status quo. We obliterate obstacles and unlock hidden pathways to overcome and succeed where others have not stagnation feels like death. And we are unwilling to compromise our integrity and settle for being averaged in any way. We are the backbone of any successful business and those who overlook our potential are doomed to a slow demise. We do work that truly matters aligns with our purpose, and in turn, we make our lasting mark on the world. We are the dreamers, doers, legends, and visionaries who are called to make our most meaningful contribution and love what we do. Okay, we are officially live. I am so excited about this one. This is where you can get in trouble with LinkedIn because they're like don't do any meta stuff with LinkedIn. So we're talking about job searching on LinkedIn. But really, we're going to talk about optimizing your profile for LinkedIn. So Abby, let's go ahead and jump into introduce yourself to us. Tell us about you. I will she's gonna, by the end of this, you're gonna have your elevator pitch so far down. who you are, why we're doing this and the journey thus far.

Abby 01:15

Yep, so my name is Abby Mueller, and I am a user experience designer, I met Lindsay on LinkedIn a few months back, I guess we're not even two months, I don't even know No Time flies. But I experienced a job loss earlier this year in 2021. Just to lay off due to you know, pandemic changes, and so forth, and decided to go back to school and study UX design and got myself certified. I'm now back on the job market. And I'm just really struggling looking for work. So I posted an article about how my job search was going, just not so great. And it got Lindsay's attention. And that's how we got in touch. And now we are working through her career design program to help me find the dream job of my Yeah, the job of my dreams. So

Lindsay 02:11

here we are, the right job at the right salary at the right company. That's what we're looking for. So now we are in so the pathway is we're nearly halfway actually. So this is a really exciting point. I'm, in fact, at this point, so I had somebody who just graduated, he's gonna be supporting NASA. And he got a $45,000 raise, he did not apply for the job. After going through this and optimizing his LinkedIn profile. He was getting one to two people per week, but four to five per day is what he told me last night after doing this. So I want to optimize your LinkedIn. Okay, and I want to talk to you about why this is and this one wouldn't you have optimized your resume we can go straight into the LinkedIn. Okay, so your resume, if you do this, right. Last night, I showed a video from one of my clients, Maria hulan, her job at Apple and she never applied for the job. In fact, I talked today, if you look at my, my post I did today on LinkedIn. And I said, What's the statistic if somebody's actually getting an application, like submitting a resume and getting a job? Do you know the stat Abby? point? 4.4%? Yes, I was like, she probably knows this. You have access to everything. I mean, a dismal fact ever. So when I say your resume, people are like, I must spend 1000s of dollars on your resume. And I'm like, great. If you have money to do that, you know, you want to take the workload off, but no, it is not going to save you Okay, so here's your floatation device. It's Here I'm showing you right now, it's not going to be your resume. Okay, but your LinkedIn will be okay. Your LinkedIn is one of the most powerful ways for you to enhance your job search. So it's your professional real estate. Okay, so we all have our own little corner of the internet. If you have your own website, that's another way to do this. But your LinkedIn if you go Google Lindsey Mustaine and she's got a lot of results a lot 1000s that are actually me. And that, guess what LinkedIn is? Number one, number one, okay, so you really absolutely have to have your LinkedIn profile. Okay. So I want to let you guys know that we right now it's time for me to tell you dream job hack is open. Okay, so dream job hack is open freedom hack is a client that I talked about last night, the one who got a $45,000 raise is now working to support NASA, four to five contacts per day through LinkedIn. dream job hack was where it's at. So if you want to check the replay of how we did this and his story itself, go to dream job hack.com. You can opt in and watch the training right, then it's only going to be available for the weekend. Okay. All right. So let's get into LinkedIn profile. So I'm going to be because we're going to be using us on the podcast, we'll be doing a lot of visual descriptions. I thought that was a bad thing. Last time I did your resume, but after thinking about it a little bit more, like actually this might be the best thing. So we're gonna go into it. to LinkedIn optimization, okay, so your resume, how many seconds does it get for those in the chat? Shout out to you who might know and this in the comments how many seconds do you get your resume gets? Well, only 25% of the time because they viewed again go to my trading if you want to learn the real stats behind the curtain, but they won't tell you how I'm how many seconds do you get? us all savvy, I'm gonna let lets you go ahead.

Abby 05:27

Six, six seconds. Six seconds. All

Lindsay 05:31

right. Now, if you were here, any anybody, anybody? And you want a fair consideration of who you are as a complete individual, do you think six seconds is enough time to give somebody a fair shot? No. For me, it's about half of that. So yes, it Randy says. That's exactly six seconds. That's all we get. Yeah, it's sad, okay. Your resume doesn't give you a fair shot. It's not a good indication of your entire experience. But then there's your LinkedIn profile. Alright, so your LinkedIn profile hits 25 times the viewing time. 25 times. Okay. So this is how the most elite recruiting organizations design their framework. Okay. So here we call the post and pray method, which is what is my biggest beef around recruiting is like, Hey, I posted a job, please come apply. Okay. So we do that I will get a job requisition and I'll say, Okay, we have a job. Let's go post it. But do you think that I wait for Abby to hopefully be online looking for my job at that specific time on my website at that one moment? Or do you think she might be busy doing other stuff like actually running her? her life, her business, her career, it has other stuff to do? That's true. So high performance organizations, we target people. Okay, so how do you get found is LinkedIn are, right? So hashtag LinkedIn, if you're tuning in and watching this now, I'd love to hear from you. Hashtag LinkedIn, if you're, if you get this is so powerful. Alright, so I am going over to your profile. And we'll talk a little bit about all the things so I would love to know what was some anything surprising in here, anything that was eye opening for you?

Abby 07:11

Um, well, I mean, having done my resume work previous, it was kind of cool just to go through and I'm like, Oh, I can just plug that in here. And I can plug that in here. And I can plug that in here. And it's like, we're done. So

Lindsay 07:25

I was, like, the easiest module, if you do the work and resume, so resumes were like, there's many moments where you're kind of like, Lindsey, I really kind of dislike you right now. And it's a personal trainer, you know, you pay them to break it down a little bit. Yeah, I'm gonna walk you through LinkedIn. So the goal of this is just to update it from your resume, if you have a right, the right resume. So I want to first start. So I'm looking at Abby's thing, and the first thing, the most powerful thing, what's the most important thing about your profile? Anybody in the chat? Tell me? Go ahead. Your picture I know, okay, this will be like, Oh, I'm over at insert your age here. I don't care. What you probably should be on LinkedIn at that point. But like my picture, okay, so you can have one view or you can have 21 views? What do you think is going to help your job search more? 21 views 21 views. Okay, so the single hack here is you need a profile picture. If you want to know what profile picture to use, you go to photo feeler.com How did you get a chance to do

Abby 08:31

this? I did. I just checked my results last night because originally I had the same photo up there, by the way, but I had taken it like in my house. So my background was this color. And all I did was I went in and I put it into my design software. And I changed the background, based on some of the examples that I saw and others that I follow to look a little more professional a little more photo studio esque totally does it like it and I submitted like three different versions of it on that site, and everything went up like three to four points, like three point scale. Yeah, 10 point scale, it went up like three to four points. And I was like,

Lindsay 09:15

Whoa, all I got competency, influence and likeability. That's really what we're looking at at that point. But photofiltre.com This is the way to do it. We're gonna measure it. So here's your secret here. You got to appear a specific way. And I would have told you let me tell you, I became a LinkedIn sensation. And I use that loosely because I am just human, but I became a LinkedIn sensation with pink hair and a car selfie. Okay, so I would have I would have said, this is not important but when you go and look at the numbers you can see here that my light, my influence level was rated for Okay, now I'm at 90% or greater and how I do that is auditing my picture. So here's the deal, go to photo fuse. Put your picture up and just put it up for the test and put it for the business level and you'll get the right feel and what you want here guys, I don't care how you feel okay, like I look a little more cheesy in this picture All right, that's not my point my actual as long as it looks like you,

Abby 10:15

oh my god, I love that you look so happy in your photo like I think that's what draws people in is like oh my god, she really loves what she's doing. Like I thought like I am so bored in my photo that when they're sitting there like like it's a mug shot.

Lindsay 10:31

I know if you will look like you went to jail and got your picture here. Nobody is worrying. So guess how long and this is where how long you have to make an impression on somebody so that profile photo will get you 21 times the views but how long do you have to actually make an impression from that photo? Any ideas?

Abby 10:47

Probably like a few seconds.

Lindsay 10:50

A 10th of a second Yeah, a 10th of a second Oh my god. Okay, so here's why we are genetically wired to read somebody by the way their hair is the symmetric symmetry of their face, how symmetrical their faces we look at the way they like women we look at the way that their body is shaped because we are looking as tribal human beings, not the evolved people we've become today, we make an immediate decision of whether or not this person is a risk. This is somebody who is safe. This is somebody I can eat like literally as a creditor, we make these things we make this and it happens at the very lowest level the brain. So I want you to know not this because it's unfair. Yeah, sorry, it's unfair, but you were programmed that way and I cannot beat your own biology. What I can tell you is here's how we optimize it to win Okay, so be thankful for the bias so I can show you how to fix it. Okay, so what you need to do is just go in there and don't get sensitive about it if you're sensitive and Hello, I'm sensitive. Have somebody else look at the feedback like she was like she's really fake or her smile is too big or teeth or whatever, I don't care. I you know, I just want a two comma club award. I don't give a shit what you actually think Sorry, guys, I'm LinkedIn. I don't really give a crap what you think I care about what appears as the mass, because that's what I'm looking at. It's just an overall so we're always testing. Okay, so the first thing profile photo is going to be photo feeler.com. And he says that he is competent, likeable, and influential, which I would say because he looks very warm. He looks very welcoming. He's also super cool just in his chat. Okay, it was really interesting doing

Abby 12:23

that. So if you guys go on there, just know that you're going to you know, you either have to buy credits, or you're going to have to rank other people's photos. Which is really eye opening, because I would look at it and I'm like, Well, I don't think they look very, you know, like savvy or whatever. And I'm like, but why like what is it about you know, is it where their eyes are? Is it the color is it what is it? You know what I mean? Like I'm judging them based on their background, like where are you? Are you in a part of things you

Lindsay 12:45

mean yes. But if your eyes like are too far away, we immediately say somebody is not as intelligent. So just know that these things are not accurate representations of crazy ability. It is just how you were sent. So that's why a good photo will do something and a good background like I think I don't know what copyright but you can be wearing a T shirt in this in essence, I can't totally tell. Yeah, it looks very professional. It's like they're things where I like I did airbrushing during the same wearing the same shirt today. Okay, so it's a blouse, but I was like, it couldn't be a T shirt. I couldn't tell what it originally. There's specific things like black and white is better for color. So black, white, Navy, these are more neutral palettes. I'm having a boundary that's more like mine very, like it's great for live streams. But if I was doing my profile photo, I wouldn't want to do it like this. Okay. All right. So first one, we're hacking his profile photo, Abby, you got it down. Look, wait.

Abby 13:36

Okay, no, I think blue because if you're if you're a designer, you know that blue is indicative of trustworthiness.

Lindsay 13:45

And there are and you know, one of the things that I look at when I build websites is what, what causes people to click Buy, or what looks at what causes people to go through whatever causes the action. So we're always AV testing things. And that's what I'm doing is I'm just proving you the same concept. We don't care what humans are really bad at predicting what works. By the way, let me be really clear here. Humans are very bad at predicting what works. What gives you that answer is actually if you go and test the theory, okay, so this is where people put all their eggs in one basket and like, I really like this one. I think they like me, so I'm not going to interview anymore. That is a dumb decision. Okay, so keep your eye you know, don't count before they've hatched. And make sure you have lots of eggs. You're always collecting eggs. Okay. Lindsey squares. I had no idea. I know, I'm the Antichrist human resource, folks. It's unfortunate. And also lovely. Okay. Next

Abby 14:32

is your color language.

Lindsay 14:33

Yes, I was like they said that people who have as a sign of genius I was like, I don't know if someone told me that last night and the other person told me is that study show because they were having more emotional intelligence. I was like, well, that's good enough for me. I don't really know enough but it was enough. For me, I mean,

Abby 14:50

yeah, why not?

Lindsay 14:51

So the next thing up what what do you think is next on the most important things that you can enhance your profile with

Abby 15:01

I mean you said I mean if we're talking about photos you said the cover photo was important and also

Lindsay 15:06

the headline it's right there but it is your headline okay the reason why is I'm looking at that and you're I want your cover photo until I end up on your page I however you see your headline wherever you're at so those are the two things like neck and neck. So and I wish it didn't work like this but your profile photo will make sure that they read your other one. Okay? Your read your headline. Okay, so you have UX UI designer and then pipe which is the straight up down line content architect freaking love that product, storyteller, mobile and web design that was different. I've done redesigns research user advocate, sustainability enthusiasts. Oh, you check off storyteller? Oh, product storytelling? critic, storyteller?

Abby 15:45

Yeah, we'll

Lindsay 15:46

see. We've got it. So how do you feel about that? How is that because I think it says UX UI design a student looking for something? Yeah. So how do you feel about this so far?

Abby 15:57

Um, I think it's good. I don't know if it's too many things, but I tried to it's not okay. I tried to incorporate some of the things that were in my resume and then I added a few more you know, especially for you mean, potentially whoever's gonna hire me should know what I'm what I do as a UX UI designer, but I added mobile and web design in there just to make it a little more clear because that is related to the type of work that I do and language that everyone is familiar with. And then redesigns as well and branding things like that that I do feel good about it and the sustainability thing I just told you before I got on this call I'm doing a pitch at the United Nations Food System summit later this afternoon. So yeah, I'm passionate about sustainable sources. So I wanted to include that because I know a lot of companies particularly in that field, maybe would flag that word on my

Lindsay 16:56

page. I love that Randy said yes and Hadley don't duplicate your job title seriously we can find that otherwise so what I want you to do is position yourself in your zone of genius that's the whole goal here and if you've done the work here she's more than her what we do appreciate your perspective but that's what I have you start with that's what I have you start with because you need something but I want you to add more and sustainability like actually your passions and the things that's how we get deeper into it as we go further here we get deeper do because what we are marketing is a product. What is the product? Well, it's Abby it's Abby Inc. Yeah. Lindsey like if you knew my time at Amazon, you would know I was obsessed with bananas obsessed like I would go get seven or eight of them if you look at my article I wrote I literally like pictures of banana stand like they were called banana pieces. And they would hand out bananas to the community. It wasn't cute Amazon and I was obsessed with it okay so and i also call myself a talent acquisition ninja that's what I used to call myself and so my first domain was like ask Lindsey dot ninja whatever it is those things that make you quirky and different that's how you set yourself in order you don't want to be like like for everybody so Stacy still watching Stacey is not for everybody she is incredibly provocative. She pulls genius out of people she can change your life in 90 minutes. Now she's gonna charge you five figures for 90 minutes to do it, but it's worth it Okay, so when I talk about this Own your fucking genius that's what I'm trying to say here. Okay, and I say that with explicit I'm sorry hopefully LinkedIn won't kick me off for this. But really important for you to understand this okay? I'm hardly ever on LinkedIn. We will I would love to chat I would love to chat This is how I just want to comma clipboard. 93% of it organic traffic from LinkedIn It is my baby. Okay, thanks, Shawn. So next thing ninjas and pirates videos I have pirates probably I don't know about pirates so much I have cat that's when I I don't really talk about her that's pretty funny.

Abby 18:57

Make sure if you have pirates in there that you're doing like a wink and your profile say like

Lindsay 19:02

like there is so Alright, so what comes after your headline now this is where like okay, so I do have the segmenting of your authority through your profile photo, but it's actually not the next thing I'm going to look down I'm going to scroll down to my ABOUT SECTION Alright, Sandy about section is about who you are. Okay, so we don't get a lot of text. A lot opportunity. Get read on your resume in six seconds. But I'm actually gonna sit here and read this until I get to three lines. So your I am a passionate This is beautiful, beautiful like you are talking about. Like for businesses, I probably go deeper into what businesses we are here what kind of customers Okay, what I want you to see is after there's three lines of text, that's when I stopped reading, I start skimming. So if you ever see on LinkedIn or people right, it's a editorial nightmare for those people. You go ahead and return between them. So between the sentence if you ever see when people write like that, it's too many So you read so the secret here and for this I want you to break these out. And I want you to think about maybe even doing bullet points and emojis are welcome. Yes. Okay people here like no emojis, I had some I had a block one time and I was like, you know, you can either be part of the change and you can be an early adopter, you can be one of the innovators or I can leave you behind, okay? recruiters right now that are posting jobs and saying apply online. But by you're being left behind is changing in the moment. So if you want to be part of the information, it's now Okay, so maybe make a

Abby 20:30

case for an emoji right now. Yep, please.

Lindsay 20:31

Oh boy, I would love to your you would be more of an expert in this than me.

Abby 20:35

Let me just tell you something. I actually wrote a piece on this too. I'm not well, not I guess not specifically emoji, but there's symbols, right. And the oldest form of language that the humans ever had was symbolism, right? symbology like and we went from creating symbols to creating letters, and now are returning back to the use of symbols and a lot of ways but we still use them on everyday products, right? They're on our remote controls, they're on signing, like when you're driving around, they're on they're in your car, like they're everywhere. And the use of a visual representation of what that thing does is stronger than using a word by itself.

Lindsay 21:15

Oh, I love that so if you ever noticed people were like, do you use emojis or nice words I was like, You're both sometimes so I don't really care but the whole point is that it's pattern interrupt. So how people read what we're trying to get them to do is look so bullet points work and emojis work like that. It gets more interesting and it makes it you can tone like if you okay, if you give me a thumbs up by itself, I have a really big problem with it. Okay, so anybody listening you ever give me a thumbs up? I'm gonna be kind of ticked off about it. And I'm gonna think that you're like whatever. Bye Felicia That's what I think. Okay, but if you put in like a harmless I never just like like things I always hurt them because I want you to know that I'm invested emotionally and I like it it's kind of like I'm like I felt like I needed to so and that actually Facebook rewards things like that like like is that same thing kind of like yeah, that's how they reward the algorithm and here so get in there and use the other symbols. So I want you to break it down and think about using bullet points and you can sharpen this like this is a great start so I want you to know you are better than 93% of people out there now me okay, but I want you to get there in the very bottom I want you to add I want you to go through that skill section on your resume. either put through pipes or maybe stars or bulletin push pins, whatever, just do skills because what we're doing is keyword optimization. So Randy was talking about that first off I love that owner of my blank genius. I might do that. I thought genius Oracle is when Oh I thought emojis were seen as non professional, DO IT professional, most unprofessional influencer that is on this platform if I bought it which is crazy because I'm an HR but I also was CEO and he's like we're struggling for this and I go Do you mind if I swear Do you mind if I tell you the fucking truth? And he's like hit me with it and so I told him and he was like, Yes, so just know. Okay, and yeah, people are gonna have issues with it just be 100% authentically you

Abby 23:12

I was gonna say is it unprofessional? Or are you just authentic because

Lindsay 23:16

haha so I am like the market let me just tell you the time when my my freedom when I broke the chains of my prison of corporate I cut off my hair and I dyed it purple and pierced my nose that was when I got promoted for it when I stopped caring what anybody else thought okay, so this is where people were like Oh, they didn't pick me because they didn't like that I wanted to change the status quo and I go so are you telling me that you the universe said hey, this is actually not a good fit for you because you'll die slowly in that job every single day. So we're not going to give you that opportunity because we know better Okay, so I also believe in trusting the universe to give you what you need here but don't look at every job as an opportunity if they said that was a problem. You mean you have a problem with them? You should be thankful okay. Yeah and LinkedIn I want you to be authentic like they they do get a little bit on swearing sometimes I still do but but that's about it go with emojis go with everything purple or pierced nose I did it also okay let's see here. I can't pull the source when I recently saw a chart or at least an influencer talk about being more authentic and sharing on the platform thankfully Okay, there's so many things I love when we can't all be Gary Vee Gary Vee is just I don't I'm not a big Gary Vee fan if I'm really honest, I think that he he has different motives in particular, which you know what I good for him that that people follow Him, in fact, one of my clients so I'm never going to be against what you want to do, let's how I work my what I want has nothing to do with what you should do. And what I want you to do is have a job that you pay paid handsomely. You do work that fills your cup and fills your soul? Do you do it for an organization that aligns your purpose? If that's it, I don't care where it is okay. So when you What did you say what should we write in the what person you are not a brochure you write in first person I am, I am is the strongest declaration to the universe is why we can do it. When I talk about people don't know this, why I do this is that the law of attraction says we are what we declare to the universe, I am the most powerful invocation of your power. So choose what you are. And that's why I made you go and say it and I might keep refining it, refining it, because as soon as you say, then you are that's the moment then you are, okay. And this is actually if it's a if you want to look it up, but look at this technique called frame disruption. There's some guy named pitch are here his name, but his book is called Pitch Anything. And I use that same psychology technique and what I use to break the frames around psychology about how people view others, that's actually what I'm doing. So you're I am is not just I'm using some metaphysical things here, but it's also one of the most powerful ways to actually break in science science world. Scientifically, we can do that. Okay, so that's what I would like to see here. It's just adding some of that, but this looks really good. The only thing I really want you to do is that I love a good challenge. And I want you to say like, what makes when I say the challenge because it's like, it's Come on, bro. Like, I'm a problem solver. I'm like, so is everybody. That's great, but it's just not it's not so what is the challenge? Like I love a challenge that is unsolvable by traditional means. Right? Okay. I like to use like, I like to believe in teams who leverage their differences as strengths. Like I see people's differences as their opportunities for making the most impact. I would like that forward thinking, Oh, I love this one forward thinking innovation fully break down and are driven by a desire to learn and improve every day, learn, improve, disrupt the status quo, something a little bit deeper, and then with unwavering positivity. So we're gonna go deeper into this cuz we're gonna improve upon this inside of the elevator pitch section, but you actually have done what I'm asking you to do, which is to declare what you really want. Okay. Let's see here. Oh, thanks, Randy. for being here. I refined my profile all the time. Yeah, that's always like, once you do something over here, like your brand, you might get something Oh, this is really powerful. It resonates because remember, we're bad at predicting, I'm giving you the framework here. But we prove it through the concept. I'm bad at predicting what will land what will land matters more than what I think or what Abby thinks it's what proves out. So if you see this, this is really important. I know Do you hear them? They're whining, sorry, my dogs. They're like, please. Like my dog, Carmen is the one who used to go to Amazon with me. So what I want you to do here is just prove it. So if you have caught like concepts and people like wow, like I just said, you know, distill your effing genius. That's what I do that resonates. Randy just gave me a case for doing it. Let me maybe that's something I try. Maybe that's something I talked about. So I talked about zone of genius all the time. And it's kind of a hot buzzword, but it's been I've been doing it for years now. So whatever it is, we just passed it out. So anyhow, you have an excellent here. So the only thing I'd like you to punch it up with some emojis is bullet points and bullet points can be the most it can be the actual bullet point just and break the text, not more than three lines, okay? And what we're gonna talk about is like, what I'm looking for next is going to be the part that I'm looking for. Because people will be able to tell that or what I'm really excited about. I'm excited about and passionate about Connect. I invite people to take the next action and invite them to take the next step. I'm Stacy, I'm actually talking about how to optimize your profile for whatever if you're running a business or if you're looking for a job. I'm talking about how to do it for both. So I'm so glad you got to tune in here too. All right. So let's see next up is going to be your serious Alright, I are people I like purely because of your pets. I know this is where I'm like you can be pet Mom, I've had somebody who said 240/7 best beer on LinkedIn and I was like it's so funny that it just makes you stop it's the same technique that like when they say like William and Kate divorcing and you're like Wait, what? It's not that I'm actually gonna buy that magazine but it makes me something uh what's going on there and I just want to peek behind the scenes and we get that two clicks so how many views are we getting on your profile? Guess what on mine Mine are 1000s 1000 views Okay, so what we're trying to do is get point of getting people to your profile okay? So what we're trying to do is just that part the first time and optimizing it actually through the other things okay, so inside of your experience, I'm going to give you the path done it is your profile It is beautiful. The only thing I would change here to say change is first person like I lead a team so just add to it so it's not as third person but that's a really big requirement. Okay. All right. So I would like to see your education because I really scroll down before I really get in I know the promo Yeah, your plane photo is important. The Ohio State I want you to not choose the mantle campus I want you to go to Ohio State I want you to connect it to the university because and I don't want your years on there. Okay, are your high school so take those years off. And you don't have to high school. I have mine so I'm against I do things against the book. It's up to you. But for this I want you to connect it like Ohio State that's a notable University gives you more credibility all we're trying to do is hack the process folks okay go ahead and put hashtag hack in the chat for me if you're following along here. Okay, next now I've covered a lot of things here but I'm going to go up to the very top which is her cover photo Okay, so in full transparency the cover photo was busy Yeah,

Abby 30:24

I was worried about that.

Lindsay 30:25

Yeah, go box Jason's See look at this you're I'm proving the concept here that people will have a

Abby 30:33

fetish I'm from Ohio just think

Lindsay 30:36

that yes I feel that so it's a little busy but I believe in the power of people I believe curiosity and impatient drives our future I believe that possibly so I love this I think that's great. I love him so I'd love to see is Abby Miller signs but I really want you to declare your zone of genius okay on the top so what it is is it's just because the instant impression so you can just have a boring profile you're gonna have that blue background that they come with but we have a way to enhance it and what I want you to think is the most richest experience so what do we know about design less is more typically right? Less is more so I want you to try to optimize this with some zone of genius The best example I can give you if you go look at Brandon Smith and he is he is a business coach for his this most simple image ever because the business coach for Amazon in the logistics supply chain last mile transportation and it literally because he said that and it's a shipping container that's red and it says oh shoot What does it say now? I think it says logistics but but let me just double check is this oh I have to go look I'm so sorry. Let me tell you what it is because it's just so good. Yeah, this is logistics and just logistics and so immediately I know what he does without having a second glance and I can get him one second. It is the best example okay, but if you look at any of the clients that I've had, you can see their profiles in fact I'm gonna give a shout out here to Jason Castel he's one of my favorite profiles it's a more it's a more cluttered image and I mean that in the loving way because he actually but it shows his his his face, it shows his warmth and it shows Yeah, and there are images you can definitely pick up inside of LinkedIn. So just just the only thing here is that it's not going to make or break anything. I just want it to be interesting and I want to increase your authority and influence Okay, so like for me, I'm going to go put all my PR on there so I'm gonna say Forbes entrepreneur, Sherm Yari Glassdoor I'm gonna have that all on there Guess what, that's an authority building piece so that's all I'm trying to get is credibility and authority. Okay, so that would be my my ask for that one. All right. So let's go into what's next Okay, so I'm going to go look at your a couple other things here. These are just bonus sections for you guys. Your URL is customized and it says UX savvy. Awesome Okay. Um, I love that Ohio State's on my profile That's awesome. Okay, so now I'm gonna go look at your contact information. All right, so we have your website I know you can have more than one so that's amazing. Ooh, you have dribble on there awesome. You're Abbi you're I am I just anybody use it on these days okay.

Abby 33:10

But I think it's

Lindsay 33:12

and you know what, it has been only a month I'm sick five weeks since we've been connected it's not a nice day. Oh my goodness. Okay, so now there's another section in here where it's like your featured section and I don't know if that's limited to creators or not, but your highlights show up and highlights would be things that are happening so there's highlights and then there's activity so if you could add anything on your highlights I would love or your your featured I'd love to see you pin your posts that was really really powerful that's your dear hiring manager so the things that are most submitting a my authority so I have case studies testimonials I link to my website but the most powerful ones I put like if I like the one I talked about where I said Google's decreasing pay what do you think oh, I flamed that big time right and so um so that was that's one of my things on there because I wanted to see what people had to say about it so whatever it is it gives them another way to benchmark Okay, okay, so some extra tips here.

Abby 34:09

I feel like I looked at that but i i couldn't figure out how to change it I'm gonna have to play around with that a little bit Hey,

Lindsay 34:15

that wasn't I might be a creator thing because I'm considered a creator on the side of this platform. Alright, so I'm going down so your your profile settings appear to be open I see that you have a badge here which means that you're paying for LinkedIn that actually increases your results and let's see leadership Okay, so a couple things here a skills endorsement, so leadership is not good. As much as I did totally endorse you for that. So

Abby 34:40

I know 16

Lindsay 34:43

Yeah, so my and I'm gonna tell you my own is awesomeness. So if you are tuning in and watching me right now, I'm going to go ahead and make it ask where you go endorse me for awesomeness. And it is because I'm quirky, right? Like awesome. This should not be a really bankable skill set. But it was one of the very first ones people the very first adopters LinkedIn actually got got the chance to create their own tag and awesome. This was one of them some shout out to Steven who gave me that tag. And it is my top ranked skill, okay, but what I want you to know the top three show up here and you can have up to 50, your goal is to get to 99 plus leadership is your number one. So I want you to think about this as you're starting to connect with people, ask them to endorse you, if you're in a networking community, ask them to endorse you. Okay, whatever that is. So Abby dreamed up hack your group there, that's the place to start asking for that. Okay. Next is recommendations. So like I have over 50, here's what recommendations are there social proof. Social proof, okay. Increasingly, increasing someone's pay increases their buy in, it can as long as they're doing purposeful work, and it's in a great environment. Absolutely. So I want to see your recommendations to be up to 20. Okay. And then the next stage here, so you are so close. When you get to 500.

Abby 35:52

Plus you I know I'm like little they're beaming. Guys, yes. So

Lindsay 35:57

right. If you're, if you're not connected, please just go connect with her. So send her a connection request, let's get her that 500. This is gamification in play on that badge. My goal for you actually, at the end of this is to be up to 2000 connections. Okay, so that's what, because that's enough of a number. And people are like, well, I only accept this. And I'm like, unless I'm trying to pitch you off, I want you to think that people do the platform. Well, so just accept people because it doesn't hurt you until you get to a place like me where I'm at 30,000. I don't have enough room for anybody else. Okay. So, but what we would rather focus on is quality versus quantity. Okay, so there is my my hacks for LinkedIn to optimize your profile. My question for you is, what is your social selling index? Have you measured it today?

Abby 36:42

Not today. Let me see if I can find it. Dude, do I know it didn't I just started doing me like, add, adding or following? You know, so many companies today? And oh, yeah. So you had me it's like, 20? That's a lot. I'm sending one. And following on

Lindsay 37:07


Abby 37:09

like, do I even know 20 companies that I haven't already follow that I want to? So yeah, I have to find them.

Lindsay 37:16

If you are going through and when you're doing it, you'll see on the right hand side will give you suggested companies follow or suggested connections, take that as your opportunity to easy follow for some of them.

Abby 37:27

I have been Yeah, if you have any, like tips on how to find people, I've really just been been like going through like any any posts that I've liked him going through the comments and like seeing what other people have written and I'm following the people that I you know, think had something good to say or if they posted something that they like. And then as far as organizations go, like things that are industry related to me or, you know, just companies that I like or products that I use, that is

Lindsay 37:53

exactly what I want you to start I am literally forcing you to do things slowly at first. And I know it may not feel that slowly, but little by little and painfully because it'll become easier. So I actually do have a bunch of tips for this. But we're going to cover that inside of network Ninja, which is the session after that.

Abby 38:12

Okay. Sorry, give me a second here. It's like asking me to sign back in for some reason. But I am signed in

Lindsay 38:24

technical difficulties social selling index, I'll just give a little preview of what this is. So your social selling index is how well LinkedIn when they were trying to sell you something, and I'm going to actually recommend you buy it at one point, but they are trying to get you to buy Sales Navigator wants you to know that you do not need to buy Sales Navigator, especially not yet. But Sales Navigator has its place. But what it's measuring is how well you are effectively using the platform in a way that we can quantify. So I can tell you how good branding is. But I can actually measure it here through LinkedIn. It gives us a benchmark okay. Stacy, this is actually the what Abby's going through is intentional career design, which is kind of the the enhanced version of dream job hack. And if you want to learn about dream job hack, which is the one that's literally graduated, I had somebody yesterday came back with an offer of $270,000. Before I did my workshop, that's a workshop if you want to know that program is open now just go to dream job hack.com it's right here below and you can check it out and get access to it.

Abby 39:22

It says I'm at 48 which I feel like is not much different than last week yet. So

Lindsay 39:26

we're gonna do it so we're gonna keep increasing it. So what I'm doing is having you for 47 a week ago, at one point is still we're still moving up, okay, so don't don't take yourself too much. You also already use a platform and a lot of great ways but I promise you it's gonna continue to increase. Okay, so we're gonna say this now. We're going from 48 we're gonna try we're gonna get Abby in the 60s by the end of this. So problem. Yeah, no big deal. In fact, Jason. I would love to know where he's at. He is a super LinkedIn. He even got top 1% of posts. Going through this so he is amazing. Alright so next time What we're going to do is we're going into branding and branding is going to be the most fun one, Abby's a storyteller we're going to tell her story we're going to get bigger into this. So the next session that we have, we're gonna go live and I'm gonna talk to you about building your brand. Now if you want to know how the heck I created, I built a web a web presence I built a LinkedIn presence and I built a business that's created with the two comma club is what I just want which means I've generated seven figures inside of a single sales funnel. If you want to know the secret here are how I became a best selling author without actually selling the book but somehow people still bought it it's because of personal branding and that's what I get asked talk about I talked at Microsoft I talked at Amazon I get talked at the women's summit I've talked at the recruiting Innovation Center here in Seattle this is this is what I get paid to talk 1000s of dollars per hour we're going to actually coach you here live we're going to do it together your brand is what is the most valuable thing so when people get when they haven't invested inside of their brand, that's what's causing them to actually be stuck in their career Okay, so here's the deal, do not sacrifice the business of Lindsey anchor Abby Inc, for doing the work for some other business, okay, you need to put your business first. Everything I do is in alignment with my purpose and my business. And that may sir in turn serve other businesses. But unless you put yourself first unless you pay yourself first, unless you invest in yourself first, you will get stuck here again. So my goal here is to recession-proof you what happens you need equity in this brand. Okay, it's the most efficient skill set for executives. So that's what we're going to be covering on our next section. This is gonna be a lot of fun for you, because you're saying I can't wait for you to see how you connect it to product. So going and covering with you the next time and I can't wait to see how this one goes for you. All right. So if you are interested in continuing to follow the journey, please follow me to connect with Abby. We're going to have a live we're going on a module-by-module week-by-week basis right now. So follow us and if you are interested in figuring out how to land your six-figure dream job how to do it without applying please go to dream job. hack.com enrollment is open right now people it's right now the universe is just waiting for you to take some action to bring it to you. Abby is proof of what can change in just a few weeks with you. Okay, and I got seven different job offers as of this morning from people this program, okay? It is not magic. It is strategy. All right. Love to you all. I will see you on our next session. Bye Bye, guys.

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