The Power of Habits and Priorities With Andrew Sykes


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We say people don’t have habits, habits have people” - Andrew Sykes

Andrew Sykes knows a thing or two about habits, and after listening to this interview, you will, too. An accomplished author, and lecturer at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business, Andrew has made a name for himself over the past several decades by getting people to perform at optimum levels by helping them recognize different habits in their lives. He’s so good that companies like Google, Pinterest, and Microsoft have enlisted his services.

Andrew’s personality really shines through in this episode, and you can tell that he is coming from a genuine place. He uses the analogy of his own experience with probably the most notorious bad habit there is; smoking, and how he coped with it. He talks about how your surroundings have a great impact on the habits that you form, and how habits are a result of your priorities in life.

If you’re looking zero in on making an impact, either in your job, or while you’re on a job search, this episode will help.

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