Modernizing Your Resume and Mastering Your LinkedIn Profile with Lynne Willams


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“As the fairy Godmother of job seekers, like a pumpkin to a carriage, I write resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and transform them into job seeker tools” - Lynne Williams

Lynne Williams is a resume and LinkedIn extraordinaire. If you’re looking to make a superfluous LinkedIn profile, just use Lynne’s as a template. She helps with resumes, too, specifically how to tailor your resume for a specific position, and get past the ATS, which more and more companies are starting to use.

In this episode Lynne dives into her niche and walks you through specific steps (with examples) that you can and should take for both your resume and LinkedIn profile. If you could sum up this interview in one word, it would be “prepared.” Perhaps her most eye opening piece of advice is shedding light on the fact that it is easier to get a job, if you already have one, and exactly what you can do today, if you currently don’t have a job, but are seeking one.

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