Lessons in Entrepreneurship With Sean Castrina


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“Fail fast, fail forward, and fail cheap” - (@SeanCastrina)

Sean is an entrepreneur who previously held a self described dream job, but was unexpectedly let go. It was then that he arrived at the conclusion that he didn’t want his fate to be in control of anyone but himself. He ended up starting so many businesses that you could call him a serial entrepreneur - a term you may have heard before. These businesses (many of them successful) ended up to be a starting point for Sean’s coaching, speaking, and writing career talking about, you guessed it, entrepreneurship.

If you’re listening to this podcast you may find yourself in the same shoes that Sean did, and questioning whether or not you should start a business, and that is specifically who this interview is for. Sean discusses what he has seen in his own career that may or may not yield a successful business venture. As we learn, entrepreneurship takes a certain determination, and competitiveness, that not everyone is cut out for.

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