How To Make Yourself More Valuable in The Eyes of An Employer With Anjana Karumathil


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“Anything and everything that you do has to be about making someone successful” - Anjana Karumathil

Anjana Karumathil is a fresh perspective for the show. She hasn’t been featured on any media outlets (she doesn’t try to) and the interview is being conducted from Bengaluru, India. Rather than getting an interview from the perspective of a career coach, or resume writing expert, Anjana gives the point of view of a job seeker. She has successfully gone through the interview view process in the past, and gives examples of what you can do in order to boost your chances once you’re in the interview phase, with a touch of her background in academia.

Always learning, and always striving to be better being the underlying focus, you will get advice on how to differentiate yourself from others and how and why you need to bring value to potential employers.

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