How Identifying Your Core Values Will Help You Define a Career Path


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“When you’re solid on your commitments, it makes decision making easier”

Going from “stuck to unstoppable” is what Tracy Timm specializes in, and she speaks from experience. Now a successful career coach, and author, Tracy realized she wasn’t being fulfilled early on in her career and decided to take a step back so she could find out what would.

This interview is enlightening because it probably resonates with the majority of people who listen to it. You often hear the term “follow your passion,” and Tracy explains how this is easier said than done. She breaks down exactly what "follow your passion" means and gives actionable advice and examples how to find out what will really do it for you. This is difficult, and often scary for many who are seemingly be at a crossroads in their life, but it's comforting to hear that others have been faced with the same dilemma.

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