This Is Our King?


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The parable of the 10 minas (or in Matthew the parable of the talents) holds a special place for many in the church. The statement “Well done my good and faithful servant” is something many long to hear and so live their lives in an effort to accomplish that goal. We teach our kids the moral lesson of using our gifts and “talents” for the kingdom of God so they will earn praise from Him and hear “well done” at the end of their lives. We press into the idea that this parable is a parable of stewardship of our money.

But what if this parable is not about the christian life at all? When we look at the parable, we must ask, where is Christ in this parable? Where is His sacrifice and resurrection for our rebirth? Is He the demanding master who reaps where He does not sow and then throws his slaves out for their actions based on the fear of Him?

What if the parable of the minas or talents is actually about what life outside of Christ looks like? Why settle for living life as a servant hoping to earn a reward from the master, when the reality is, in Christ, God calls you a son who is heir to His entire kingdom?

SPOILER ALERT: If you are born again, this ones not about you.

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