E246: From Airbnb to Big-time Hospitality with Tim Daniels


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Freedom is never placed in one spot only. Sometimes, it has to be everywhere. Our guest, Tim Daniels, shares with us his journey of being a dad, father, and an investor. He tells us how he managed to make ends meet, do ministry work, achieve financial freedom, and then another type of freedom.He also talked about his journey from Airbnb to larger size Hospitality. Listen now and learn about what’s there to look for when investing, people to look for to invest with, and teammates to look for to add to the team.Key Points from This Episode: Tim shared his background on his family and what he does for a living. Why is it never too late to invest in Real Estate? Tim talks about how they shifted their career and retired to do what is their passion. Tim’s investments and buildings that he has acquired and how did he manage it. Tim explains why he is interested in still adding and growing his portfolio in addition to houses. How Tim's calling of running things led him to buying real estate assets. Why didn’t Tim and Joshua win the bid despite having the strongest group and the best offer. Tim and his wife, Debbie, no longer work for money; they work for fun. Tim and Joshua will do a pilot show and they will talk about the idea of turning liabilities into assets.Tweetables:“There's good debt and bad debt.” – Robert Kiyosaki“For those who have never done any real estate investing and think, "Oh, it's too late". I started at 47. I had acquired enough financial assets by 53 to retire..” – Tim Daniels“We had the strongest buying group. We had the best offer. What we didn't have was knowledge really of what the resort seller was looking for.” – Tim Daniels“There is a world of people out there who are doing the thing that they love and making money at it.” – Tim DanielsLinks Mentioned:Debbie Daniels' Art Gallery WebsiteCapital Hacking Website

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