When God Launches You Into Your Dream At the Appointed Time


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Hey Beloved in this episode, I'm sharing my story of how one of my God-given dreams came to pass suddenly after more than ten years. It was my dedication to my dreams during the years that my dreams were on hold that helped me be prepared when God said, "now is the time."

When God gives you a vision, it is for an appointed time and purpose.

He often gives dreams in the nigh seasons of life more so than the happy times.

When God gives you a dream or a vision, the first thing to do is write it down.

What God's shown you and what He is going to do at the set time is probably bigger than you could think or imagine so often times He sends you into a season of preparation that may be hard to understand.

Don't give up on your dreams when you go through seasons that look like setbacks, detours, and delays, in the end, things will come together just as they should.

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