The Purpose of Detours


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Hey Beloved, in this episode, I'm sharing the reasons and the purpose of detours and how to know if God has led you into a detour or if your detour came about by your own doing.

A self-initiated detour happens when you avoid doing things God's way because you think you know a better way or a faster way.

But these kinds of detours will only delay you from reaching your destiny. However, when you're in a God-ordained detour it's because He knows you're not yet ready for what's on a faster path.

The detours He leads you down are to prepare you for the heavier weight of glory that you will carry when your spiritual strength has come to maturity.

Whether you caused your own detour or God led you into a detour, know that delays are not denials. Don't give up! God by His grace, He will lead you back to the path that leads to His purpose and plan for you if you commit your way to Him.

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