Let No Man Take Your Crown


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Hi Beloved, in this episode, I'm sharing a message I did on Facebook Live, a prophetic teaching based on a prophetic word the Lord gave me about not allowing anyone to take our crowns. Yesterday morning as I woke up, the Lord told me to go back to the beginning and read the book of Genesis. Then later in the day said to me, "let no man take your crown," and He told me to read Revelations 3:11. What I learned is that Adam and Eve were deceived out of their place with God in the same way the devil tries to deceive Christians into not following God's commands so that we lose focus, get off track and not finish our race and thus lose our crowns. The way not to lose your crown as Paul teachings in 2 Timothy 4:1-8, is to continue in your faith, endure to the end and finish your race. Oh... also don't mind the new cut. I did a big chop. Video coming soon. Connect with me: Website: http://kristapettiford.com Instagram http://instagram.com/kristapettiford Facebook http://facebook.com/kristapettifordpage License

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