Identity in Christ - The Power of God's Love to Transform You Into Who He Called You to Be


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Hey Beloved, in this episode, I'm sharing the power of God's love to shape your identity in Christ and transform you into who He called you to be.

We have been given an inheritance, a new name, and a new identity in Christ. We have been blessed with all spiritual blessing in Christ, but too often our experience in the world doesn't match the truth of what God has already done in and for us when He freely gave us all these things.

See, it's one thing to study your new identity in Christ but another thing to apply the word of God in your life and make your new identity in Christ your reality.

God transforms you into who God called you to be by the power of His Word. However, you must first believe what God says about you and His promises He's freely given to you. Then you must allow the Word to shape you.

When you believe in the power of His love, acceptance, and beauty they shape your identity in Christ and empower you to walk in your calling with clarity, confidence, and courage.

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