How to Move Forward When Your Season Has Shifted


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Hey Beloved, in this episode, I am sharing how to successfully transition into your new beginning when your season has shifted. These steps will help you gain the clarity, confidence, and courage to take the reins and do what God called you to do. We entered a new prophetic season, 5780 on the Biblical calendar last September, and God has shifted His people into new beginnings. However, some people have not shifted and are overdue for a change but have been unwilling to take the reins. 1. Pause long enough to calm your soul and process where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you want to go. 2. Pray until God reveals His plan for you, gives you a new prophetic vision and clear direction (even if it’s just one step forward). 3. Prepare for your new beginning by counting the cost of your actions before you pursue the new thing in front of you. Connect with me online: Website: Instagram Facebook

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