L.A.B. CHat #13 How to Exchange Self-Defeating Mindsets for God's Thoughts Toward You


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This is a living recording of a workshop I recently did at a singles retreat in Southern California. it's based on my Mindset Measure Mission Motto Blueprint for God's Daughters Workbook.

For this particular workshop, I adapted the material for singles but stayed true to the core message - whatever differences we have - we all have three things in common: a desire to experience genuine love, a desire to be accepted for who we really are, and a desire to feel beautiful. For men, beauty is the same as the desire to be desired or feel worthy or someone desiring them.

At the core of these desires is the inborn image of God within us. He is Love, He is the Grantor of eternal acceptance, and He is the Beautiful One. As women, what we believe about love, acceptance, and beauty affects every other area of our lives and frame our worlds. Our mindsets – the attitudes and opinions that form our thought processes, our standards – the measure we use to apply our understanding, and our ability to fulfill our mission and our purpose are all affected by what we believe about love, acceptance, and beauty.

This workshop was interactive. Toward the end, you will also be able to follow along with the exercise to replace wrong, negative, self-defeating mindsets with what God's says about you in any area of your life, and make those mindsets the new standards by which you measure yourself.

As always, I'm sure you will enjoy it and find common ground with not only me but the participants who share their breakthroughs and takeaways!

You can purchase a copy of my workbook here: Mindset Measure Mission Motto Blueprint for God's Daughters

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