Four Things I Found During My Furlough Reset


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Hey Beloved, in the episode I'm sharing four things I found during my furlough reset. Because to be honest, these things were lost someplace deep inside of me.

I found freedom - from busyness and doing too much. Freedom to get back to being myself. Freedom to try new things even if I fail. Freedom to be honest with me. Freedom to slow down.

I found my focus. I gained clarity and learned to focus on one a few things that really matter to me. I was able to focus on being thankful and grateful instead of complaining and comparing.

I found within myself the ability to forgive others as well as myself. Through healthy introspection, I was able to let go of old resentments and blaming others and myself for things that no longer matter.

I found that finishing. With clarity and a clean slate, I was able to finish the goals I set for myself. But I also learned to let go of people, be done with things, seasons, and be ok with saying goodbye.

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