S1:E9 Janis Leahy- Founder and CEO, MADEWITH


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Janis Leahy struggled with eczema through childhood, but turned that challenge into a passion for clean beauty and skincare by founding MADEWITH.
MADEWITH is a retailer focused on creating a new cycle of trust for consumers, starting with the $14B clean skincare industry. They do this by tackling the 3 biggest challenges consumers face when navigating the skincare industry:

  • Verifying product effectiveness and removing fake reviews through our streamlined, unbiased testing process (which fails more than 50% of products that go through it)
  • Choosing data-driven recommendations through our best-in-class skin profile technology and scalable skincare expertise
  • Maximizing product effectiveness through personalized education from our MADEWITH Mentors

The byproduct of carrying better products, sending personalized recommendations, & providing education is a drastic reduction of waste by significantly increasing customer success. The average return rate for skincare products is 14%. MADEWITH is currently below a 1% return rate.

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