S2:E2 Kim Kaselionis and Pam Lauper, Managing Directors, Destined


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Dianne and Beth interview Kim Kaselionis and Pamela Lauper of Destined. The Destined team guides middle-market businesses through internal transitions or external sales every step of the way. We understand that change, whether planned or unplanned, can leave a business owner feeling a range of emotions. Our process will bring your vision to light as we work together to implement, or navigate, the change that’s needed to achieve your unique business goals.
Pamela Lauper, Managing Director
Former health care and insurance executive who brings over 30 years of expertise in building and implementing strategies that support revenue growth, organizational effectiveness, and high performing cultures, with a recent focus in M&A. Her mission is to help business owners achieve their life’s goals through developing and implementing a strategic plan on their journey to eventual exit or transition.
Kim Kaselionis, Managing Director
Kim has been supporting entrepreneurs and her local community for over 25 years. She understands that entrepreneurship is vital to continued local, regional, and national economic health. And as the CEO at Circle Bank, Kim had a direct impact on the Bay Area community she served. Using her keen analysis and leadership skills, she turned the once failed bank into a category leader then onto a successful exit. Continuing her mission to increase access to capital for privately held businesses, she created the first hybrid-crowdfunding loan program which combined equity crowdfunding with traditional bank financing. At Destined, Kim continues to advocate for entrepreneurs, their daily sacrifices and their unwavering commitment inspire her to seek solutions to support their success and to achieve their legacy

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