S1:E15 Julie Gordon White- CEO, Bossa Bars


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Julie Gordon White is the founder and CEO of Bossa Bars, Menopause Energy Bars, and advocates for women in all stages of "The Pause". Julie is also an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling business author, and TEDx speaker. In 2020, Julie launched Bossa Bars after personally struggling with "Menopause Middle" and watching her friends suffer in silence as their symptoms and increasing weight gain were robbing their confidence. Not letting a pandemic get in her way, she decided to do something about it and created delicious plant-based, nutrient-dense, and low-calorie energy bars with all the goodness a menopausal body needs, along with a MenoLounge community to help women #menolikeaboss! Learn more at www.bossabars.com.

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