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In this episode Clemmie explores burn out with writer, humourist, ex-professional actress & singer Caroline Dooner, who wrote the The F*ck It Diet, all about her relationship with food and dieting, and Tired as F*ck, all about her "exhaustion & two years of rest".

Ten years ago Caroline started writing a blog called The Fuck It Diet as she tried to heal her relationship with food, and learn about the dark side of dieting. What she learned about food and weight changed her life. If you struggle with your relationship with food, the The F*ck It Diet is for you.

In 2016, four years after she healed her relationship with food, she realised she was exhausted, burnt out, and...filled with existential dread. Her second book, Tired as F*ck, is about how she got back on her feet and her "years being a neurotic little b*tch". Read the beginning here!

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