#215 - Sometimes Yes Means No, and No Means Yes


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Australian Award winning Producer/writer Michael Flanders & co-founder of Pacific International music publishing moved to the USA in Feb 07 to head up Pacific International Music, during this period has built a healthy publishing catalog of over 1100 songs & having administration on 12 other existing catalogs with high profile names attached. His production credits include Josh Arnold, Nik Phillips, Jill King, Garrison Starr, and American Idol Semi-Finalist Siobhan Magnus and Multi-Platinum selling artist Nikki Webster to name a few. In the 1980s and 1990s, Flanders achieved acclaim in his native Australian market; first as a staff songwriter with Warner/Chappell Music, then as a producer for Alternative and Pop acts in Australia. He received ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association) recognition for his work with the Australian pop artist Chaise, producing a string of hit singles album that spawned a number one hit song for her, Only Be Me. During this period, he also held a position at Arctic BMG Australia. Flanders relocated to Nashville in April 2007, opening Pacific International Music and has since completed 50 plus projects in the space of 5 years, producing 19 Hot 30 Country singles, 4 of which made number 1. Flanders’ trademark as a producer has been his experimental and hook heavy approach to creating organic-sounding records. He is known for his involvement in a project from conception to finished product. 3 records with artists’ Coles Whalen, Jill King and Mitzi Dawn cemented his status in the Americana and Alt Country scene. In 2010, American Idol Siobhan Magnus began a series of writing and recording sessions under the direction of Flanders and his team, resulting in her first album Moonbaby, which was released in 2012. Flanders then finished writing and producing a record for multi-platinum pop star Nikki Webster to be released 2014. Flanders has multiple Film and Television credits, most recently scoring scenes for the indie thriller Magdalena, directed by Sevier Crespo. He also was composer on Daniel Baldwin film “WISDOM” (To Know The Difference) which won Manhattan/San Antonio/Long Beach/Burbank Film Festival’s. Flanders took out Best Song for the ”WISDOM” title track for film co-written with Siobhan Magnus (American Idol) at Manhattan & Long Beach festivals. Flanders also took home the People Choice Award at the San Antonio Film Festival. Currently working on scoring 2 upcoming films, “Good Times At Blue-Jay” and “A Teachers Touch”. Flanders has also worked with Heidi NewField, Robyn Lajoya Charles (Ray Charles Daughter), Doug Seegers/Buddy Miller/Jim Lauderdale, Tayla Lynn, Ky-Mani Marley, Natalie Howard, Erin Drew, Jeremy Parsons, Carl Wockner, Shelly Evans, Michael Bryers, Kelly Black, Calvin Lee & Trick Pony, Nellie Donovan, Col Finley, Jon Raven, Doug Seegers, GalFriday, Dozzi, Trevor Finlay and Robert Randolph.

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