EP 266 | I Get Good At What I Practice with Kimberley Seldon


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Practice makes perfect is an expression that’s familiar to all. While most of us don’t aim for perfection in our work life, we do desire mastery of the skills that allow us to deliver on the promise of our brands. Although it’s tedious, we will get better at what we practice. In this podcast, BOD™ Advocate in Chief asks us to consider: If I get good at what I practice, what am I practicing? In this episode we learn: - stating your boundaries without justification takes courage, but the result is greater confidence - practice saying no without qualifying - defend an expensive item you’ve proposed if it is important to the project - the goal is defending your first choice is not to “win”, it’s to stand strong It’s time to take control of your business. Become a member of Business of Design®, today: https://businessofdesign.com/?ref=2&campaign=podcast

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