EP 261 | Get Different with Mike Michalowicz


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Our brains are wired to filter out information that is unnecessary; that’s why marketing fails so often. To get through the filter and get your client’s attention, you’ll have to do something radical—you’ll have to get different. Author and entrepreneur advocate, Michael Michalowicz shares his solution to the highly ignorable marketing trap. In this episode we learn: - organize clients by revenue spent and their crush factor (how much you love working with them) - find out where your ideal clients converge and market there - avoid being highly ignorable, approach clients in a way that gets their attention - perform your own R&D (rip off and duplicate) - be the true you; lean into it - be strategic about the mediums your market in (e.g., blog, tv, print ad, Facebook ad, etc.) - also, be strategic about the method (e.g., gift basket of cookies vs. gift basket of tequila) - introduce keys (signifier that tells you if the marketing piece is working) It’s time to take control of your business. Become a member of Business of Design®, today: https://businessofdesign.com/?ref=2&campaign=podcast

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