EP 257 | Content is King with Salimah Mamdani


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Except for repeat and referral business, most clients find a designer through following their content—social media, blogs, podcasts, television, websites, etc. If you want to entice potential clients to hire you, tailoring that content to answer the client’s needs is important. In this episode, we discuss how make the creation of content a more manageable task. In this episode we learn: - content matters, but it needs to be marketed to make it effective - to gain more and better leads, be disciplined about content creation - develop the habit of creating content consistently - create anchor content and then spin off that anchor for 6-12 posts - simplify your strategy to reach more people - business building is not a spectator sport, it requires your full participation It’s time to take control of your business. Become a member of Business of Design®, today: https://businessofdesign.com/?ref=2&campaign=podcast

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