#53: How to Incorporate Your Mission into Your Products


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For some business owners, the mission behind the business is what truly drives them, and at the end of the day, means more to them than making a profit. However, as a business, you have to make money to stay operational and actually sustain the mission. So how do you do both successfully? First, you need to incorporate your mission into your products. Second, you need to market your mission and your products consecutively.

Think of it this way: if your business is like an airplane, your products are your wings, and it's imperative they are strong and stable so you can make it to your destination. If not, your business will crash!

In today's coaching conversation, Donald Miller talks with Abra Kinkopf, founder of L.A. America by Mux. Abra designs and sells high end t-shirts to support her mission of saving and preserving Kaqchikel, a Guatemalan language, from dying out. If you run a mission-based business but feel like you're headed into a nose dive, today's episode will help pull you out of it!

You can support Kaqchikel language preservation by going to AmericaMux.com or @America_Mux on Instagram.


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