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What holds people back from using their creativity in the workplace? Why have "closet creatives" stopped expressing their creative side in day-to-day life? And what are the impacts on health, wellbeing, problem solving and productivity when you rediscover your creative voice?
Emily Moncuit helps people find their creative voice through the art of sketching and drawing.
She's been working with global corporates, running lunchtime sessions for their employees with profound impacts on feeling good, building connections, productivity and the ability to apply their thinking to solve challenges, which we explore in this conversation.
And she's launched Emily's Notebook, her sketchbook community crammed with free resources to help people build a sketchbook habit and build their creative confidence. It also offers courses and Emily's " Sketch from Scratch Kits."
Too often we've disconnected creativity from the workplace, and suppressed it in our day to day lives because of negative experiences. "Creativity has sometimes been linked to the thing that you do as the by-product of your life," says Emily – and we discuss whether it's really the "taboo" some people think.
Last time Emily was on Business Live she worked for the CBI, now she runs a startup. Whatever the size of your business or social enterprise, I think you'll find Emily's points about the psychology of creativity fascinating.
Also in the show today: FIVE funding and grant opportunities for businesses and social enterprises, and an upcoming event where you can meet a co-founder.
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