A Rant about (De)Regulation, New Funding and Events, and Air Quality Entrepreneur Kate Barnard


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All this talk about "slashing red tape" and a sudden zeal for deregulation as a magic bullet for growth made me climb aboard my soapbox.
This episode starts with a rant and a reminder: regulation per se is no barrier to inclusive growth, and careless deregulation risks encouraging a race to the bottom in business and life. Do we want crappy, rubbish businesses exploiting people and planet for ever-diminishing returns on investment? I don't. Glad I've got that off my chest (and let me know what you think).
Then an interview with engineer-turned-air-quality entrepreneur, Kate Barnard, whose business helps cities and governments achieve air quality standards and show they've done so.
Air pollution contributes to around 40,000 deaths a year in the UK and more in many other parts of the world. Enjoy The Air sees cities as engineering systems. Kate explains how it catalyses behaviour and policy changes and the importance of "WIIFM" or "What's in it for me?"
Also on the show today: lots of exciting events, funding for businesses and social enterprises, and more.

  • 0 - 1:30 Introduction
  • 1:30 I have a rant about de-regulation snd why fit-for-purpose regulation is a tool for sustainable growth, not a barrier
  • 6:12 Interview with Kate Barnard, Enjoy The Air
  • 32:32 Quick recap of last week's episode with Jon Barton, Vertebrate Publishing
  • 34:28 Upcoming events including an exhibition at the National Videogame Museum, the Off the Shelf and No Bounds Festivals, Peddler Market, Black History Month events in partnership with the African Heritage Forum
  • 36:30 Reminder of the Fair and Sustainable Economies Fund and Digital Innovation Grant programme (more details here)
  • 37:06 More events including Business Sheffield's Networking event and series of free virtual business workshops
  • 38:52 Reflections on this week's SCCCC "Winter Pressures Service" launch event – I went along and their work supporting elderly, isolated and vulnerable people and relieving pressure on the NHS is so important – CEO Mark Storey was on the show 6 years ago
  • 40:11 How to get in touch (email jamie@sheffieldlive.org ) and wrapping up

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