In Conversation- Victoria Lee Using Social Media to Market


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And for the team as well, it means that we've got wider access to talent, because we don't have to nail down into one particular geographical location”

“Prior to the pandemic, people were commuting for at least two or three hours a day getting to the office and getting home again. And suddenly their commute is from their bedroom to their office or their living room. And they've freed up so many hours in their day. So maybe you do end up doing 15 minutes, half an hour extra work in the day, but yet you actually end up being a lot more productive in that time.”


01:24 Why having a physical office is not necessary

04:18 Navigating social aspects without seeing each other

07:10 Using social media as a marketing tool

12:16 Reaching clients, creating leads

17:49 Knowing which social media platforms actually work

Where to Find Victoria Lee?

Who is Victoria Lee?

Victoria is the CEO & Co-Founder of 100 Pound Social which is a fully productised, low-cost social media content agency — run like a SaaS company! 100 Pound Social was founded in 2017 and was fully bootstrapped. Now 100 Pound Social has over 200 customers, 72% average year-on-year revenue growth and 52% average year-on-year customer growth. Victoria started out working in journalism then started 100 Pound Social following spinal surgery in order to create a work-from-home flexible job for herself. Today, 100 Pound Social is a full remote/distributed company with over 20 team members.

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