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“Conflict is inevitable. Combat is optional. And in business, particularly when people have a conflict that arises, there's a couple of things that can go wrong, and they go wrong, because nobody ever sits us down and tells us how to manage conflict.”

“It's impossible to avoid disputes. What you can do is get to a dispute as soon as it arises and deal with it constructively, rather than letting it just escalate.”


01:18 What it means to be a business peacekeeper

06:04 Getting the correct advice, from the right people

13:32 Importance of the correct mediation style

22:21 Creating the workplace personal life boundary/balance

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Who is Nicole Davidson?

Nicole has mediated over 200 commercial disputes including shareholder disputes, employee disputes, contractual disputes, outstanding debts, restrictive covenants, defamation, and insurance matters. She is a nationally accredited mediator and has completed an Advanced Mediation program at Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation. She is currently a panel member for the Victorian Small Business Commissioner and the Office of the Franchising Mediation Advisor. As a qualified lawyer and a former insolvency practitioner and investment banker, Nicole brings a wealth of real-world experience to her mediation practice. Having completed articles at Minter Ellison, Nicole moved into more commercial roles in organisations including Société Générale, Lehman Brothers, Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young. She has an excellent understanding of commercial practice. Nicole specialises in early intervention mediation before litigation is commenced and with a view to avoiding litigation. She adopts a flexible approach to mediation to ensure the best possible satisfaction for all parties, working with lawyers to ensure agreements that are reached are enforceable. In addition to her mediation work, Nicole is an experienced facilitator, teaching negotiation and conflict resolution skills to clients across professional services and industry.

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