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“Audience journey is basically in any kind of presentation, or conversation or speech. It's the moment by moment, emotional, mental journey that the audience takes, while listening to what you're delivering. So, it's the actual in inner exploration, the path they take from where they are, when they come in, to the conversation, or the presentation or the speech to where they are when you finish. It's that path.”

“I took them on a journey themselves from when I didn't know what they don't know, to where I found out what they want to know. So, they came with me on that journey. So, part of it was the delivery and the way I styled it, but I think also, you know, I think I spoke to and about a huge part of the world and something that they're all feeling and going through.”


00:54 Understanding the audience journey

08:25 Having 27 million views on a TEDX presentation

15:02 How important is it to have stories?

19:23 The importance of making people feel welcome

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Who is Marianna Pascal?

For over 20 years, Canadian former actor, Marianna Pascal has been helping ensure smooth collaboration and clear communication within organisations.

Her speciality is overcoming the challenges MNCs face when employees and other stakeholders come from diverse backgrounds and languages. She has helped professionals in over 100 organisations on 3 continents to improve their presentations, team collaboration, customer communications, business, policy, and report writing and more.

Marianna is widely known for her humorous, interactive style. Married to a Chinese Malaysian for 15 years, with a Chinese-educated daughter, Marianna is a true authority on what works when it comes to raising the communication standards in the Asian workplace.

Global Achievements

  • One of the 40 most watched TEDx Talk speakers in history
  • 27 million have watched her talk, “Learning a Language? Speak it Like You’re Playing a Video Game”.
  • One of 14 finalists in the 2019 World Championship of Public Speaking
  • Voted one of the 10 Most Inspiring Female Speakers worldwide by Toastmasters International, along with Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, and Indira Gandhi.
  • #2 on Borders Bestseller List for Non-fiction with her book series, English Fast & Easy, designed to enhance practical English for work and daily life.

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