In Conversation - Kellie Koach and Alister McDonald Young Minds in eCommerce


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Summary of Kellie Koach and Alister McDonald

“When I was seven, I announced that I wanted to have my own baby shop. And Abby was like, she was four at the time. And she was like, yes, let's do it!”

“But then we actually, you know, did some work in developing our brand and understanding our why and so that was really valuable for me. And then that's how we came to, well, let's build our brand around what we actually our passion.”

“That vision is all that drives me now. And I just keep having conversations with people and that find out who's with me and who's not and the ones that are with me, I keep working with them.”


01:32 The world’s youngest ecommerce entrepreneur

06:36 Discovering our WHY

12:52 Becoming a mentor

17:03 Reaching your audience

22:51 Getting the right support

Where to find Kellie Koach?



Where to find Alister McDonald?

Phone: 041466557.


Who is Kellie Koach?

Here’s my story and why I’m doing what I’m doing

I was 3 when the passion that inspired my business was born

I was 7 when I said to my mum, I’m going to open a baby shop

I was 8 when I began my business journey

When I was 3 years old, my little sister Abbie entered the world with a Left Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. This meant a hole in her diaphragm had pushed all her intestines & stomach into her chest cavity, pushing her heart to the wrong side. She wasn’t born with any symptoms, so it was not until 12 hours post birth, when a midwife passing by asked to have Abbie’s chest x-rayed before discharging her. the paediatrician then discovered the hernia. my parents were told that most babies would have died over night, so it was a true blessing Abbie had survived this long.

She was immediately flown to the Royal Children's Hospital to receive lifesaving surgery. during Abbie's recovery, it meant that I got to spend a lot of time in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. I would visit Abbie; help take care of her and bring her teddies. just being surrounded by so many little babies and the overall experience of Abbie's birth left a real imprint in my heart, sparking a passion for babies and the desire to nurture. as me and Abbie have grown up together, she has been by my side every step of the way in the dream to open our business

But the business journey, I just wished that I could just know the right things, to have the right help that would actually show me some positive results we would go to conferences, seminars, workshops, fill up books with notes that would then pile up. It’s so easy to get lost in the overload of ‘coaching’ and ‘advice’ out there trying to understand the analytics that goes on behind operating a business.

I was 8 when I started to try this, mum was trying the best to make it happen, but she didn't have the expertise, and we did get lost. We got overwhelmed and it hit a bit of a standstill.

In my mid-teens I was still dead serious about my future being my business, so I launched it again, I found the workshops etc that I would go to or read would help me with a specific point, or get me to a specific place but not enough to ground me solidly in every aspect of ru

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