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“So, a really simple one would be where you're looking at your expenditure. And you might be able to kind of say, you know what, we're using that software and that software and that software, but if we consolidate it and use this tool over here, we could save nearly $4,000 a year. So that might be something really simple”

“I call it a seven minute meeting each day, and then a weekly meeting where you look retro, like look back and then a weekly meeting where you look ahead which is in the mind, we have a sheet that we call better every week and you can just get everybody to be thinking about how they could have improved things so that you can then because those standard operating procedures are always fluid you know they need to be updated and new and improved but it's not that hard.”


01:27 Paying attention to your expenditure

09:06 Obligations in planning

11:39 Five areas in numbers

16: 15 Seven-minute meeting, getting a team rhythm

21:00 Seeing the bigger picture

Where to find Jeanie Doherty?

Who is Jeanie Doherty?

Jeannie Doherty is a registered BAS Agent, Business Operations Specialist, Certified Trainer, Coach and Mentor. Jeannie is registered with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board and has been recognised by Women in Finance Australia as a Bookkeeper of the year Finalist. Jeannie’s unique upbringing was steeped in a culture of entrepreneurial success. From 16 years of age, she began to learn about business from the ground up. Until eventually, in her 20’s & 30’s, she helped her parents scale their last business from a 10 million to a 100-million-dollar revenue earner.

​Jeannie’s niche is “working dads”, primarily trades and services and because of this, she’s passionate about the impact her work can have on families. Helping families thrive is what gets her out of bed in the morning. Personally, Jeannie is a proud mum, passionate Latin dancer & advocate for putting your health first.

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