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“And as I continue to learn more and more, I wondered if others knew the little golden nuggets that I had come across along the way. So, I really wrote the book to share what I'd learned in the hope that it might have some impact on others in terms of how it lands with them, and really helping them live their journey.”

“I think I think team approach in terms of preparation is absolutely key. And that's just we don't need to be the expert in everything. But if we can recruit and align with the right people that can help us in different ways, it can be an incredibly powerful combination. ”


01:32 Being inspired to run a marathon

03:44 The power of possibility

07:34 The Iron Man

11:36 Looking at goals

20:45 The coaching relationship

Where can you find Alexandra?

Who is Alexandra André?

Alexandra André isn’t one to shy from big goals. She’s a 5 x Marathoner (42 km), 1 x IRONMAN (3.8 km swim, 180 km ride, 42 km run), Author, Business Founder and Solo Mum to her little boy.
She attributes her journey largely to her first marathon because achieving it opened her world to anything being possible. And later, dedicating her IRONMAN to a good friend would help her see the incredible impact we have on each other.
Her book, The Power of Possibility has been described as a must-read for anyone, but particularly runners and triathletes looking to take on their first marathon or IRONMAN.
Alexandra now works as a Speaker and Coach, inspiring and encouraging people to take on a big goal in their own lives, and experience the world of possibility that awaits beyond it.
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