Rethinking the future: cleaning up big emitters


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We report from the Countdown summit in Edinburgh where fresh ideas to fight climate change are taking centre stage ahead of the UN climate talks, starting in Glasgow later this month. Vivienne Nunis hears from the business leaders and scientists coming up with new ways to cut carbon emissions in some of the world’s dirtiest industries. Mahendra Singhi is the boss of Dalmia Cement, one of India's biggest cement manufacturers. He tells us how his company plans to become carbon neutral by 2040. In the accessories market, Modern Meadow co-founder Andras Forgacs and CEO Anna Bakst explain how their plant-based leather alternative could shake up fashion supply chains. And what if cows everywhere could be made to emit lower levels of methane when they burp? Biologist Ermias Kebreab says adding seaweed to their diet could be key. Producer: Sarah Treanor Image: A cow chewing cud. Credit: Getty

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