Why True Success Is About How Often You Lose, With Simon Chan


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Business growth specialist, author of The Consistency Pill and podcaster, Simon Chan, is no stranger to the woes of business creation and growth – he can personally attest to weeks on end filled with nothing but unpleasant sales calls and countless rejections.

However, Simon didn’t allow setbacks to destroy his confidence – he then went on to pioneer online duplication and built a 7-figure business with over 200,000 distributors.

Now, he wants to aid others in ignoring the typical setbacks and soldiering onwards with the one principle that has helped Simon succeed: consistency.


  • Seven components of the Consistency System to help you overcome procrastination, battle your fear of rejection, and reach maximum professional and business
  • The three C’s to create influence and get customers to buy from you, no matter what you’re selling.
  • Smarter social media habits and content-marketing tips to grow your brand across every platform.
  • A simple way to prevent unfavorable events from hijacking your emotions and your consistency.
  • How to get more done every day in less time—and tips to get back on track if your consistency slips.
  • And so much more!

Willpower isn’t enough, no matter how high your ambition. Tune in and learn to transform your business and achieve the success you desire.

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