Inside Outsourcing, With Derek Gallimore


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Outsourcing is the bad boy of business, blamed for poor quality, unethical salaries, inhumane conditions, and even the ruination of industrialized economies. Yet, Apple, Google, JP Morgan, and almost every Fortune 500 company outsources, and the industry is growing at breakneck speed.

Hiring an offshore team can save a company 70% on its staffing costs and offer previously unimaginable access to a near-infinite pool of 2 billion highly qualified professionals. It’s a game changing proposition for businesses.

Globalization and technology are connecting the world’s 8 billion people into one single online economy. For three decades, the outsourcing industry was a sleeping giant, generating $200 billion annually, and employing tens of millions of people, but mostly invisible to the traditional economy.

Now, the giant is waking. Only recently has outsourcing become an option for small and medium-sized businesses. Previously, due to technological limitations, it was the exclusive domain of the big multinational conglomerates. Many smaller businesses have now heard of offshoring, but few really understand its full potential or how it can be applied to their company.

Author of Inside Outsourcing, Derek Gallimore, joins Adam to shed the light on the concept of outsourcing.


  • What outsourcing really means for the typical business, entrepreneur, or manager
  • Should we embrace this movement or run from it?
  • Why outsourcing is the ‘bad boy’ of business
  • Will it cause the downfall of economic stability in the West or catalyze humanity’s next step-change in prosperity and innovation
  • And so much more!

This is a must-hear episode if you don’t want to miss this game-changing opportunity.

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