Building your Customer MasterPlan, With Chloë Thomas


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To be successful you need to persuade your customers to move from noncustomers to regular customers.

The Customer MasterPlan Model is the heart of getting traffic to your website.

Once your plan is built, you will know…

What marketing you SHOULD be doing.
How to get more Customers,
How to make your marketing more effective.
How to get more sales, revenue, and profit.

Creator of the Customer MasterPlan, Chloë Thomas, joins Adam to discuss:

  • Understanding your customer segments
  • The power of getting your messaging spot on
  • Finding the right marketing methods to grow your business
  • The steps to creating your Customer MasterPlan
  • And so much more!

Getting the right traffic to your site, for the right price is central to increase sales and profits. You’ll learn the steps in this episode.

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