9: Rebel with A Cause with Jen Rice


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After spending years fighting the corporate ladder, stuck in a job that didn’t fit her life or her dreams, Jen Rice had had enough. She blew up in a big way and that’s when she realized something had to change. When an opportunity cropped up to go overseas she took it and now she’s coaching other rebels with a cause.

One of Jen’s life dreams was to live overseas. After her meltdown at work and subsequent resignation, she received an opportunity to go consult overseas. Once she got there however, the client backed out.

She’s sitting there, on the shores of Morocco, when she realizes that life had just handed her a huge bag of lemons and it was time to make lemonade.

Now she’s coaching other women who are going through periods of transition and trying to find their way in this world. But it all started out with that extremely burned out moment, embarrassing herself, and finally packing it in with corporate.

Listen in to hear her whole story and why sometimes the best move, is the most drastic.

It’s that feeling like you have to pick up the slack. It’s being a woman who manages to multitask really well so other people say, ‘Oh you can take care of that, and that, and that.’” Jen Rice

In this episode:

[01:26] Welcome to the show, Jen!

[01:37] Jen shares her background and what she is doing now.

[02:33] What being burned out looked like to her.

[05:00] What burnout looked like to other people.

[08:20] How she quit everything and started over.

[10:34] Learn about the neurodiversity work she does with her clients.

[12:56] Whatever the world tells you is, your weakness is actually your superpower.

[14:31] You need to be very clear about your yes and let your yes light you up.

[17:21] How do you want to feel?

[18:09] Thank you for being on the show!

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