6: Overcoming Patriarchal Stress Disorder with Dr. Valerie Rein


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When your body starts mimicking the symptoms of a stroke, you know that there is something seriously wrong. Dr. Valerie Rein was working and moving and constantly on the go when one day her body just stopped. She shares her burnout story and why she feels that for women burnout goes beyond individual experience.

It wasn’t until she was laying in the hospital and still working since she could get more done away from her phone that she knew something was wrong. First, that she was still working despite having a potentially life threatening condition. Second, that she was there at all.

Her experience led her on a path toward mind-body trauma healing that has truly transformed her life and others. She has been a leader on exposing the existence of intergenerational transmission of trauma, specifically when related to women.

For millennia women have been oppressed. Oppression is a traumatic experience. Women across the world carry this trauma around as it has been passed down in our DNA.

This conversation was fascinating but what’s even more fascinating is that there is evidence-based, scientific data available to back up the existence of Patriarchal Stress Disorder in women. Listen in to learn more and definitely grab a copy of Dr. Valerie’s book!

“A Woman has always been punished for power or reaching for her authentic desires.” Dr. Valerie Rein

In this episode:

[01:41] Welcome to the show, Valerie!

[02:06] Her background, the question that defined her life and her work in the world.

[06:02] Dr. Valerie speaks about a woman sharing that she was upset that she didn’t have covid.

[06:47] What burnout looked like to her.

[10:13] She wanted to know what kind of trauma we could all have that we weren't aware of.

[13:02] “It doesn’t matter how successful I am, if I don’t feel safe, my body is going to keep reacting to this.”

[17:16] Dr. Valerie reflects on the feather moments she had.

[20:06] Community is the bond that sets all the exercises and changes into place.

[24:12] Connection is a basic human need.

[26:15] Learn about the two major depression episodes she had.

[29:01] Her mission is to take part in a shift in reality.

[31:56] Thank you for being on the show!

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