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**TRIGGER WARNING - There is discussion about a period of time that includes sexual assault.**

Despite making very good money in an industry that she’d always dreamed of being in, Cherry Tung was not happy. The reason for that could lie in the fact that the illusion of ethics and truth was shattered when someone in the industry drugged and raped her. Listen as she shares her story and what it took for her to create her own business to help more people find wealth.

Cherry was raised by a very traditional Chinese family. The expectation was that she would go to school, get a good job, and build her portfolio over years. When the assault happened however she realized that the plan was flawed.

She still got her degree and she even later worked in the industry at a different firm, but she soon had an epiphany. She didn’t want her boss's job. If she didn’t want to become the boss, what was she doing wasting her time there?

Eventually she sought therapy and was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and depression and was subsequently put on some very strong medications. Through therapy, working out, journaling and more she began to conquer her low self esteem and her wealth coaching business was born.

Cherry’s story is extremely unique while at the same time being all too similar. Listen in to learn more.

“I kept uploading videos on YouTube and Instagram just to feel alive but deep inside I was really broken.” Cherry Tung

In this episode:

[01:25] Welcome to the show, Cherry!

[01:44] Listen as Cherry shares what her first burnout looked like.

[04:08] When she was going through burnout, she hid it from her family.

[05:23] Cherry talks about her second burnout.

[07:45] Who helped her through the rough times.

[09:20] How the journey has been since she went on leave.

[10:50] She was fired when she went back to work.

[12:08] Cherry discusses talking to a therapist, getting off her meds, and how being fired got her out of a dark place.

[14:45] Where she is at now in her marvelously imperfect life.

[16:39] Learn about her wealth coaching business.

[18:14] If you want to avoid burnout you have to have some form of passive income.

[19:53] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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