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Uncontrolled anger, lashing out at strangers, a never-ending feeling of exhaustion and overwhelm. Sounds like the perfect recipe for burnout, but when Shang was going through it, she had no clue. Listen as she shares her story and how she’s changed her life and mindset to stay out of the pit of burnout today.

Shang was working at a startup, working her own business, in a long-distance relationship, and an avid blogger. She would work to cover up how burnout was making her feel only to find herself sliding deeper and deeper into the pit.

After she moved in with her then boyfriend, it got even worse. She started working a more high-stress job but didn’t stop doing any of the other activities, Shang was now simply doing them in a new city.

She knew that there was something going on with her, but she grew up in a family and culture that looked upon therapy and mental health very unfavorably. So instead of initially getting help, she kept on living with the effects of burnout.

There is definitely a light at the end of Shang’s story though. She did finally get help and she and her husband persevered. They are now the proud parents of a one year old and are living a much more mentally healthy life. Listen in to hear her entire story.

After working with my therapist for two years, I came to realize that mental health should be just as important if not more than your physical health.” Shang

In this episode:

[01:09] Welcome to the show, Shang!

[01:22] Shang shares her story.

[02:12] Listen as Shang discusses what burn out looked like in her life.

[05:03] Shang believes she was burned to a crisp before she realized she was burned out.

[07:45] Shang speaks about when it became unbearable.

[09:08] Healing started with her eating a huge slice of humble pie.

[11:42] Shang talks about some insights she learned from her therapist.

[15:00] Shang discusses creating a simpler life and how they did it.

[19:05] The worst part was cutting back on going out with friends.

[21:56] “A true friend is worth their weight in gold.”

[23:02] For Shang, sleep replenishes her.

[27:12] What it means to be on the railroad tracks.

[29:52] There is no magic formula!

[33:28] Thank you for being on the show and sharing your story!

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