Working With & Vetting Property Managers With Colin Douthit #4


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In episode #4, We talk with Colin Douthit with Atlas Property Management & Atlas Construction.

We talk about asset management and how investors and owners can make sure they get the most out of their property managers & how to vet property managers to make sure your passive investment is in good hands.

Also learn how you can benefit from a property manager that also has a construction business attached to their company.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

[00:01] Overview
[00:53] Colin’s background
[03:25] How Colin grew his property management company in the early stages
[04:08] Some mistakes Colin has made in the past with property management
[06:11] Colin’s experience with seller financing
[07:00] Having a construction company along with property management, and how it impacts owners
[09:25] The way owners save by hiring a property manager with a contracting business
[10:20] A warning about underwriting a value-add property
[12:01] Questions that out of state investors need to ask their property manager
[14:06] Valuing property managers on price
[16:03] How property managers can earn their price premiums
[18:01] When to bring on a property manager in the buying process
[21:06] How to earn a property manager’s trust as a new investor
[24:22] What does it take to be a good client for a property manager?
[26:43] Some of the biggest mistakes Colin sees owners make
[29:45] How to get in touch with Colin

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