46 | How critical is it to ensure your employees are aligned with company strategy? VERY!


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With a background in marketing and PR, it was when Lindsay went into internal comms in a large Dutch oil and gas company. She soon realised that communications within large firms were complex and surrounded by a sea of fog. This resulted in their people not being on the same page and feeling a sense of ambiguity.

This desire to create clarity, confidence and community in organisations led her to create MirrorMirror.

Show Notes:

2.30 – Lindsay and MirrorMirror – 05.00 – Defining misalignment - 8.45 - Culture and alignment – which drives which? – 13.00 – The role of leaders in aligning teams – 15.00 –Internal communicators have a key part to play - 21.00 – We need to better translate key messages – 25.20 – Alignment and remote working - 29.00 – Today’s remote working tools get in the way - 32.00 – Practical things teams can do to drive alignment – 34.20 – Alignment in a changing landscape – 37.30 – A bit about MirrorMirror

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